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1 Sept 2014

I have tried Bantu knots once before. They didn't really come out well and the much anticipated Bantu knotout was a huge disappointment. Can't say I have mastered the Bantu knots to perfection (improved tremendously since I don't need bobby pins to hold the knots in place anymore. Have to reknot after a couple of days but it's aite) and definitely not even close to mastering the knotouts but I am much better at creating the knots now.
This was done on a saturday night in preparation for Sunday and the following week.
The look was pretty random, done mostly with my regular products 
I have loved under-eye colour since forever and I remember that I used the Sleek iDivine palette in Original for the look too (I really should retire that palette)
One thing I have discovered about a Bantu knot though is that it looks so much better when the sections are neatly done. Usually, I ask my mum to help section my hair neatly into 4 and do the rest myself. From the compliments I get, I figure I do a pretty good job of neatly sectioning the rest.

Now, can someone tell me how to achieve a perfect Bantu knotout?

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