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11 Sept 2014

A couple of weeks ago I received  a message via my Facebook fan page, from Afroriri Haircare. They loved my hair and wanted to send me 3 of their products to use and review. Now the deal was to publish a first impression post and after usage publish my findings about the product.

Afroriri Haircare is an indigenous hair care brand based out of Calabar actually. They however ship their products to other West African countries and even Ukraine. They have also won an award for Best Natural Hair Product congrats guys.
You can check them out here
On to my post
Pardon me but I have come to accept the fact that although a lot of Nigerians are figuring out a way to empower themselves, they are yet to understand that successful branding begins with great packaging. The packaging is thus pretty basic but the carrier bag the products came in was pretty colourful and ethnic. I liked that.
Honey Moisturising Shampoo, Luxe Detangling Conditioner & Luxe Hair Butter
From the ingredients you will see that they use only natural products
I usually don't use a rinse out conditioner ever since I had natural kinky hair so this will be the first in a very long time.
I think I am a hair butter freak (but I have only used hair butter from only one brand, lol). I am really looking forward to this. And.....OMG, the scent of this is AMAZING.
hahaha, the nylon used over the shampoo and conditioner to prevent it from spilling gave me a really warm confidence of a true natural, homemade brand. Does that even make sense? It definitely made me smile though.
My wash day is just around the corner and I will be trying these for the first time (I have been using Dudu Osun to wash my hair, lol). Some reviews I have read and even the brand itself claims to help with alopecia which I might be slightly suffering from due to all the years of all-back weaving & endless ponytails from pry school to University.

Make sure you come back for the sequel to this post after wash day guys.

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