Asta Gel Wednesday - Twilight

Hello lovelies,
Today is day 3 of the Asta Gel liner for smokey eyes series and I am so happy.
After deciding to pair my nude lip with all the Asta colours, my makeup this morning was pretty easy.

Today, I decided to give my smokey eyes a twist. So apart from the part that I did a little matchy matchy ie. my top & Asta Twilight; I did the smokey eye only on my upper eye area. I love this type of smokey eye because it gives the eyes an uplifted look, especially when the upper eye makeup is winged out.
this lovely image of the Asta Twilight gel liner is from Aderonkearogs. 

Asta Gel Tuesday - Currant

Hello lovelies,
This morning I stood in front of my mirror for about 15minutes wondering what lip colour to pair with the Asta Currant gel liner. Considering how often I bypass lip colours for my makeup, it wasn't such a surprise when I reached for my nude lip combo yet again. So I have decided to pair my nude lip with all the Asta colours (it saves me time and I don't end up rushing out of the house because I am late for work *pout*)

With a pink top to work, I decided that the Currant gel liner - which is a purple colour; would be the best match especially since I am not one to match my makeup to my outfit all the time (it does get boring and unimaginative)

Asta Gel Monday - Nude Brown

Hello lovelies,
Considering how much I love collaborating with beauty and makeup brand owners, it is a wonder why I don't do more of it.

Anyway, I am excited to bring you a beautiful, 'smokey' collaboration for the 5 days of this week.
This collabo is with Hegai & Esther and will feature mainly the Asta Gel Liners along with the Hegai & Esther brush set which I received last week. Apart from just reviewing the brush set at the end of the week, I will also include what I use each individual brush for (I bet that is far more exciting than just telling what the ferrules are made of and what each brush is meant for)

The first smokey look is with Nude Brown - the bronzey brown gel liner.

Brush Review: Gifty's Daughter Dual Ended Individual Brushes

Hello lovelies,
Today I bring you another installment of a Gifty's Daughter brush review. I reviewed the professional brush set here, the travel eye set here and now I am reviewing the dual ended brushes.

These were delivered along with the Travel brush set. I was supposed to write them right after the 28 Days of Red series but never quite got right round to it until now. I apologise to Funke for this and have determined to myself that after getting through all my pending posts, I will do ALL my best to ensure that posts go out when due.

Workday Smokey Eyes & Red Lips

I am wondering, is it proper to wear a smokey eye and red lips to work?
Yes I work in a relatively relaxed environment and all that but still.
Just wondering.
My sister says it is too much sometimes but it is really the only way I know; especially when left to me alone I won't wear makeup.

Well, I tried a dark smokey eye and red lips 2 days in a row when I still had my braids on and everyone seemed to like it on Instagram and facebook
black smokey eye
brown smokey eye
So what do you guys say? Does it work or not?

My Hair: A Simple Sunday braidout & Sleek i-Divine Original

Hello lovelies,
Happy Monday to you all.
I have been so off and on these past weeks and for that I apologise. I have an exciting new project I am working on which I can't wait for you guys to see. It is going to be fun and exciting *hush Barbara*. Lol. So I won't say anything about it again until next month when it is unveiled.

On to today's post. Like I recently posted on my facebook page, I have taken the care of my natural hair seriously and decided to forego braids until further notice.I am one of those very lazy natural hair carriers who just go on from one day to the next with no particular attention to the hair especially after putting it in a protective style. I co-wash in twists or plaits often just because it is the convenient thing to do. I deep condition like once in 2 months etc. (let's not go on about my sins please *covers face*)

Anyway I have repented and even gone ahead to play around with styles. I must say that they don't come out like I expect but hey one must start somewhere na.
My twists never stay twisted and so I resorted to trying out a braidout first. it came out sooooo pretty I am hooked. 

'Ewar On Our Minds' - In Loving Memory of Adenike Ewar Ogungbe

I was driving when I got the call that Nike had passed on. My eyes instantly filled with tears and it was by God's grace that I got to my office. But the rest of the day was a blur. Only yesterday was I able to change my BBM image and status and I constantly have the urge to go back to putting up something about her. Only this week, was I able to change my FB profile pictures.

I am sure a lot of people must have been wondering why I didn't say something about her passing on up till now. The reason? I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT. In a way I still don't but it is easier to bear now.

Here is what I wrote about her on my FB page:

It was very nice to finally meet you at the MAC Masterclass after months of following each other on Facebook and Instagram.

We laughed about your short hair and chatted about how it feels to be a nappy haired girl.
We then proceeded to chat on whatsapp, you said you weren't on Blackberry and I asked so many questions why ad laughed when you said why.
I wondered how come I was always too busy to meet up with old and new friends and we both chatted about how busy we both were - you with makeup and your family & I with my job, makeup and social media; and we promised to make out time to meet over lunch or drinks with a couple of others.
A couple of days ago, I saw congrats on a friend and fellow MUA's blackberry dp ad asked her to send your number only to hear today that you are gone.

Product Review: Fashion Fair 1980s Fresh Capsule Collection

Hello lovelies,
This year Fashion Fair celebrated 40 years of making women beautiful and released four pink capsule collections. Each collection is beautifully packaged featuring stunning images by photographer Victor Skrebneski. Each package features a woman who represents an era of Fashion Fair history on the cover.

As official Fashion Fair distributor for the West Africa region, Gifty's Daughter gave away one of each era capsule collection ie. 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000 on their facebook page. I was asked to choose one of the collections as a complimentary gift and selected the 1980 collection.

Face of the Day: Sunday Mustard

There are those days when all I want to do is wear a light sweep of makeup or nothing and go out. On those days, I always seem to indirectly pay the most attention (or so it seems) as the outcome is usually one that leaves a lingering impression.

As you all know, my makeup is usually more often than not nude, natural, next to nothing but sundays are the days I absolutely always wear makeup. On this day, I did my simple look as usual but still wanted to have on  a bit of the Sleek i-Divine palette in original.

I seem to not get along with online stores a lot especially after my 2 experiences with Sabunta (now Konga was a bit of a surprise last year but since I got to pay upon delivery, I guess it was aite.

Well, not to be cowardly or anything of the sort I wandered onto and saw this gorgeous bag. Apparently, Kaymu is a marketplace for different vendors and so even though they do free deliveries & pay upon delivery within Lagos, goods outside Lagos have to be paid for before delivery. Hell no, I wasn't going to do that again so after narrating my experience with former Sabunta, they caught my drift.

Apparently, they share the same investors with Jumia and were determined to make sure I was satisfied with their service.
To cut the long story short, they made the payment for the bag I wanted which was based in an Abuja store and had it delivered to me in Lagos. I was a bit exasperated when the item was delayed by about 2 weeks but what made it bearable was the fact that I was being carried along every step of the way. Between Lukas the MD and the cute Customer Service guy (who personally delivered the bag to my office), I felt like I was a cherished customer.
the handbag I bought from Kaymu
I got a cute thank you card from the entire team and apologies for the late delivery
It doesn't seem like a lot but the very fact that they followed up with me every step of the way made all the difference between them and Jumia. 
As my business coach always says, "the key is in the follow up"
Thank you to kaymu and I have most certainly referred them to a number of people who love my bag.

WOWe (Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship) Conference 2013

In the second week of June I went on leave from work. I selected that date specifically because I wanted to attend the WOWe (Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship) Conference.
To cut the long story I got a press pass to attend the first day of the conference and till this moment I am so glad I was able to go.

I wore my hair in a braidout the second time ever for this event and as you can imagine, it was an ordeal deciding on what to wear. Since I was to be a cross between a media personnel and a female entrepreneur, I figured a vintage jacket, denim and flat shoes wouldn't be such a bad idea. And it worked.

Before showing you my outfit and look for WOWe, here is a video I made of what I came back with

Ever Done A Portfolio Shoot? 1923's First

Hello lovelies,
A while ago, a long time ago, I promised to share pictures of my first ever photoshoot with Seun of EloPhotos. I haven't shown these since because i haven't been able to find them. Well here they are

LMUF (Lagos Makeup Fair) II

Hello lovelies,
I was at LMUF II 2 weeks ago and it was 'da bomb'.
I took soooo many pictures and just recently decided that perhaps it would be a better idea to post pictures of other scenes in an album in my FB page; and pictures of me with my readers & colleagues and products I loved seeing here on the blog.

It was a very pleasant experience for me and I look forward to more like it.
I usually do not go to events, most especially when I really have no assigned job (lol). This time however, I went for the event alongside Funke of Gifty's Daughter.
Kay of Kayge, Omon of Beautycook, Ashama of BeautyMatterz, Funke of Gifty's Daughter, Jide of StOla and Julie of Brushes & Pencils
The best part is that I went for the fair with no money at all but have goodie bags to show for it *wide grin* #abeautybloggerslife.

Tutorial | MAC Blue Flame & Natural Hair Twists

Hello lovelies, 
So we are back to regular programming here.
I am uploading the pictures I took at WOWe and LMUF II and the posts will be up before the end of the week.

In the meantime, I was finally able to upload the video of the FOTD using the MAC Blue Flame eyeshadow I got on See pictures of the look here

Unfortunately, some parts of the recording disappeared during editing eg. the actual application of the eyeshadow and covering my under eye area.

It is the very first video where I actually demo the application process on myself. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Barbara's Weekly Recap - On Instagram

Hello lovelies,
it has been so long since we did a weekly recap, so long since I have been here and posted something.
I have so many posts in my drafts it is a surprise I haven't drowned in all the pictures and videos I have to edit for the drafts, lol.

So today, the weekly recap will be for only Instagram.
I have sooooooooo many updates there since the last recap post.
I can't go through everything so I am going to just take you through a couple of them.

But know Video for Instagram has been launched by now I am sure *grin*, I will start with my most recent video (other videos will be posted below)

My very first Elsie Vintage purchase and the blouse is so beautiful