14 Jul 2013

I seem to not get along with online stores a lot especially after my 2 experiences with Sabunta (now Jumia.com). Konga was a bit of a surprise last year but since I got to pay upon delivery, I guess it was aite.

Well, not to be cowardly or anything of the sort I wandered onto kaymu.com.ng and saw this gorgeous bag. Apparently, Kaymu is a marketplace for different vendors and so even though they do free deliveries & pay upon delivery within Lagos, goods outside Lagos have to be paid for before delivery. Hell no, I wasn't going to do that again so after narrating my experience with former Sabunta, they caught my drift.

Apparently, they share the same investors with Jumia and were determined to make sure I was satisfied with their service.
To cut the long story short, they made the payment for the bag I wanted which was based in an Abuja store and had it delivered to me in Lagos. I was a bit exasperated when the item was delayed by about 2 weeks but what made it bearable was the fact that I was being carried along every step of the way. Between Lukas the MD and the cute Customer Service guy (who personally delivered the bag to my office), I felt like I was a cherished customer.
the handbag I bought from Kaymu
I got a cute thank you card from the entire team and apologies for the late delivery
It doesn't seem like a lot but the very fact that they followed up with me every step of the way made all the difference between them and Jumia. 
As my business coach always says, "the key is in the follow up"
Thank you to kaymu and I have most certainly referred them to a number of people who love my bag.

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