Face of the Day: Sunday Mustard

15 Jul 2013

There are those days when all I want to do is wear a light sweep of makeup or nothing and go out. On those days, I always seem to indirectly pay the most attention (or so it seems) as the outcome is usually one that leaves a lingering impression.

As you all know, my makeup is usually more often than not nude, natural, next to nothing but sundays are the days I absolutely always wear makeup. On this day, I did my simple look as usual but still wanted to have on  a bit of the Sleek i-Divine palette in original.
The sad part is that I can't remember all the products I used for this look with the exception of the Sleek palette of course. But I hope you like the look.
My brows were in transit. I do that every couple months ie. grow them out and trim to a shape after about 3 months.

If you really like this look and want me to recreate it with a complete list of products and tools, please make a comment below this post. If I get enough requests then I most likely will have no choice but to do it and include a video too.
Looking forward to your comments.

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