'Ewar On Our Minds' - In Loving Memory of Adenike Ewar Ogungbe

19 Jul 2013

I was driving when I got the call that Nike had passed on. My eyes instantly filled with tears and it was by God's grace that I got to my office. But the rest of the day was a blur. Only yesterday was I able to change my BBM image and status and I constantly have the urge to go back to putting up something about her. Only this week, was I able to change my FB profile pictures.

I am sure a lot of people must have been wondering why I didn't say something about her passing on up till now. The reason? I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT. In a way I still don't but it is easier to bear now.

Here is what I wrote about her on my FB page:

It was very nice to finally meet you at the MAC Masterclass after months of following each other on Facebook and Instagram.

We laughed about your short hair and chatted about how it feels to be a nappy haired girl.
We then proceeded to chat on whatsapp, you said you weren't on Blackberry and I asked so many questions why ad laughed when you said why.
I wondered how come I was always too busy to meet up with old and new friends and we both chatted about how busy we both were - you with makeup and your family & I with my job, makeup and social media; and we promised to make out time to meet over lunch or drinks with a couple of others.
A couple of days ago, I saw congrats on a friend and fellow MUA's blackberry dp ad asked her to send your number only to hear today that you are gone.

SMH, how cruel life is and how rudely it reminds us to make the best use of the time that our Dear LORD has given to us on earth.

R.I.P. Dearest Adenike 'Ewar' Ogungbe, you were my friend and a fellow colleague and I regret that we never had a chance to have that lunch we promised ourselves not so long ago.

Rest eternally in the bosom of our LORD!

Ewar's, is a soul that can't be forgotten, MUST not be forgotten and that is the reason why I created a FB page for her 'For Adenike Ewar Ogungbe'
To show how much we all cherished Nike, Tara Fela Durotoye has also created a blog - http://ewaronourminds.wordpress.com/; where everything we remember about Nike will be housed. This blog was created in loving memory of her, for her daughter. Her daughter should grow up to know her mother, how much she loved and how much she impacted the lives of people.
All contributor posts, pictures, comments & tributes should be sent to tributes2ewar@gmail.com

At the candlelight procession in her honour, like the Pastor Mrs. reiterated, hers is a passing on to Glory for which we should not weep or shed tears. She has gone to a better place, for which we can only thank God and support her family with prayers.

An annual event is being planned in her honour for amateur/upcoming makeup artists. All Nigerian makeup & beauty brands will partake of this. Information will be disbursed online via the blog and the FB group for Ewar. More information on this event/contest will be provided when all is ready.

Cheers to Nike as she lives on *glass raised*

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