Ever Done A Portfolio Shoot? 1923's First

10 Jul 2013

Hello lovelies,
A while ago, a long time ago, I promised to share pictures of my first ever photoshoot with Seun of EloPhotos. I haven't shown these since because i haven't been able to find them. Well here they are
A friend and colleague hooked us up and when Seun said he wouldn't charge me for the shoot, i decided to give it a shot. I must say though that it didn't go the way I had it planned in my head, lol.

Seun had asked me what I had in mind and frankly I was pretty clear about what I wanted even though I didn't know how to visualise it. I wanted to play around with winged liquid liner and different lip colours. I was just starting and pretty much a beginner and didn't know anything about how to ensure that it all came to play and Seun couldn't enter my mind and bring it all out so he spent most of the shoot asking if the pose, the pictures, and everything else were what I wanted.
There were a lot of things I hadn't learnt then and needed to work with a beauty photographer to learn and I guess that is where we didn't gel. I don't think at that point in time I could have produced any better work than this though.

One thing I will always be grateful for is the chance he gave me to express myself and try it out. I doubt if all the other shoots I have been on would have been a success if I didn't have this one, make mistakes and desire to correct those flaws.
i took this picture myself with my sister's camera phone.
See how ashy I look in parts of my face? That's some of the work I still needed to get done
I am constantly correcting and making changes. I doubt that process will ever end but I thank God for the growth I have achieved through the years and the fact that I have found myself. He has groomed me and pretty much carried me through it all.

Thank you too Seun of Elophotos. Without this chance, I couldn't have learnt to do it better.

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