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5 Jul 2013

Hello lovelies,
it has been so long since we did a weekly recap, so long since I have been here and posted something.
I have so many posts in my drafts it is a surprise I haven't drowned in all the pictures and videos I have to edit for the drafts, lol.

So today, the weekly recap will be for only Instagram.
I have sooooooooo many updates there since the last recap post.
I can't go through everything so I am going to just take you through a couple of them.

But know Video for Instagram has been launched by now I am sure *grin*, I will start with my most recent video (other videos will be posted below)

My very first Elsie Vintage purchase and the blouse is so beautiful
Left to right from top - 
- My first cut-crease eye
- Playing with blue eyeshadow and the Khuraira Amour lipstick
- What I plan on doing
- What I have noted down
- OOTD of the day to work
- What my face (smokey eye & red lips) and hair looked like
- A #TBT, my very first photoshoot
- My very first braidout
- Fashion Fair 'Fresh Pink' nail polish
- Another braidout and my look to the WOWe Conference
- AJ Crimson foundations & Sam Fine for Fashion Fair at LMUF II
- A chocolate and peanut butter cupcake I had at LMUF II
- My look to the CEAN/Eryca Freemantle seminar
- L.A. Girl Disco Brites 'Disco Fever' polish
- Using the S.Studio Signature Face Kit for the first time

Other Instagram Videos
My look to LMUF II

My very first Afro
You can check out my Instagram for other videos especially those I took at LMUF II

Have a wonderful weekend, Cheers.

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