Event | AMVCA 2015 Nominees Brunch

Hey guys,
The AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards) 2015 Nominees Brunch was today at Intercontinental Hotel. I got a sneak peek of the set-up way before any of the guests arrived. Had to run off before the event but still want to share these with you.
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Inspire | The Hustle League #loveseries

With all the huffing and puffing about Valentine's Day, I was getting a bit tired and all the recycled love images that were posted all around weren't helping at all. 

I happen to be part of a collective called 'The Hustle League' and for the period, a Love series was created. This series was then developed into a simple but lovely gif file which I think you all should download and use either as a screensaver or even share with loved ones.
In the meantime, enjoy the gif and I hope you all had a great time with your loved ones.


Inspire | Want to Be a Lot More Successful? Marry the Right Person by Jeff Haden

So there I was surfing the internet on one of those aimless days (don't be deceived, even I have one of those too); and this came jumping at me. Ok, so what does marriage and success, no, more success have in common apart from the normal - moral support, financial support, etc. Is there more to this than what we usually hear? Guess there is ..... and I clicked on it and the rest is history because it's our Inspire post for today.

Beyond Beauty Blogging Panel at #SMWLagos2015

It is a wonder I haven't shared what will become known as having caused a pivotal change in my life. 


You can hate on me all you like for putting it all in caps but seriously, it's like a dream come true for me. I'm literally shaking at the thought of it and at the same time, I can't wait for it to come, lol.

Ok, that's all I'm saying for now. I do have a surprise for those who come for my session though *wink*

With me on the panel will be 
  • Ezinne of beautyinlagos, 
  • Jennifer - Bellanaija Beauty Editor, 
  • Liz Yemoja - Online Editor for Genevieve Magazine and 
  • Teni of Beauty By Nature will be moderating the panel.

To attend this event, just click this link bit.ly/SMW2015 and I'll be looking forward to answering any and all of your blogging questions.


#thenailstudiofiles | A Leg Wax (5 Steps to Great Leg Waxing) & A Massage

Pic above was from SMAA2015 and this was literally the first time I got to show off my freshly waxed legs (first time of waxing my legs ever). 

Inspire | Why Not...Be Unforgettable? by Shannon Ables

Rather surprising, but perhaps confessing it out loud will make it easier to undo what has been done over the years. So here goes - I'm better at relating people in cyber space than in real life. I don't know why, but I'm old now and I need the help of the Holy Spirit to overcome it. 
This post by Shannon looks like it will help, a little. As usual, it's just like the original.