Manage Your Hair During Workouts with these Great Tips

27 Feb 2015

While we all want to stay fit and trim all year round, it takes a bit of hard work and dedication to achieve this. The first thing that comes to mind though is EXERCISE. But…

Regardless of the benefits of exercise to the body, it is only fair to note that there are some factors that prevent some of us from engaging actively in it (especially as an excuse). One of the main excuses is “exercise makes me sweat which makes my hair damp and ruins my nice hairstyleAdmittedly, there is only very little we can do about the sweat, save doing exercises that won’t cause sweat *rolls eyes*; however, we can provide advise on what to do with your hair while exercising. 
Here are some of them:

Pull it in a Bun
Take it all back and up by pulling your hair into a bun during your work out. Remember, sweat destroys mainly the edges of the hair where it is left to cling to the skin. A bun saves your edges by keeping them away from the skin. You can just create an office/outing ready hair-style by making your bun into a donut so you can go the whole day without needing to touch it.

Let it dry
While we know that damp is a huge disadvantage to straightened hair, there is sometimes the urge to let hair free immediately after an intense workout. If you sweat on your scalp, this is a big no-no as the roots of the hair won’t be able to hold-up the style. Let your hair be for a couple of minutes longer, have a sports drink, take a shower or clean-up, be cool, calm and most of all, dry before letting your hair out. Your roots will still be straight and your style intact.

Time it
Do you have a routine for styling your hair? If it is weekly, create an exercise routine that leaves the high intensity, sweat-inducing workouts right before your next hairstyling appointment or wash day. This is to avoid having all your time and money go to waste with limp hair on the day right after a salon visit.

Chill out
Remember how fast and chilly you feel a few minutes after sweating profusely when in cold weather or a cold room? Your damp hair will love that too. Do your exercises in a cold room or under a fan so the sweat dries out pretty fast leaving your hair as is with the need for very little manipulation after a work-out.

Make it simple
This is the lazy way out but great for low hair maintenance during heavy workout periods. Put your hair up in braids, cornrows or plaits. This leaves your hair always ready for whatever it is your daily routine requires, encourages hair growth and provides you with more time for other post-workout activities.

Besides, this is the best time to have a great body in anticipation of a great and fruitful year ahead. We don't want you waddling at the point of receiving your recognition do we?

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