#MyStyle | Oxford Lace Up Ballerinas

24 Feb 2015

I've always had boyish tendencies. Infact, I am referred to as the boy in the family seeing as I have only sisters. I'm not quite surprised that this tendency has translated into a love for androgynous dressing. Did I mention that I have always loved ties and knot ties for my Dad? 

My first pair of brogues were hand-me-downs from my older sis and I loved them to death. The next pair were thrifted and that was before I knew how to properly shop for vintage items so I was cheated and they in turn didn't last long (see my post on the dos and donts of vintage shopping). These thankfully are brand new *sigh*, and come with warranty (i hope), so if anything goes wrong with them on my first couple of wears, I think I can return them, lol.

These Oxford Lace-up brogues are the perfect pair though. The best part is that they look gorgeous on my feet.
I've only recently become obsessed with patterns, textures and prints so this pair fit right in with the monochrome textured front and sides. The suede mix at the back and lace upper is a great contrast and I have never mentioned how great black looks on my fair skin. It was positively love at first wear with these babies.

Love these like I do? Get your pair here before they go out of stock.


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