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12 Feb 2015

Just in case you were thinking I had left the business of makeup collecting, that's not true so don't believe what anyone says, lol.
Let's just say I have been on an enforced sabbatical.

It's finally over and I'm back to reviewing products. 
This week, I have a whole batch of Jordana pencils I got from The Nail Studio, VI last year. It had been ages since I got pencils and I was feeling a bit adventurous I guess so I purchased a whole crop of them
I'll describe the colours I got in layman terms first *grin* - from top; wine & red (lips) blue, brown, silver and shimmer black (eyes), maroon (lips)
The first time I stumbled on Jordana pencils were way back at my very first office. Well, not at the office but there was a big market close by. I had just started blogging and the idea was to purchase relatively cheap makeup and use it to teach people that they didn't need to have an arm and a leg to buy good makeup neither did they have to look crappy because they had cheap makeup on (thankfully, I know how whack that is now)

Anyway, they were my first twist-up liners and considering how annoyed I am most times when I use a sharperner, I had wanted a twist-up for a while. The first ones I got were black and brown - black for lining and brown for brows. When I moved up to coloured liners, I purchased their blue and green for eyes and pink for lips. The blue and green are now staples in my makeup kit though. I figured I'd expand my collection.

These are nothing less than the Jordana standard which is creamy, pigmented, intense and blendable. The only down side is that they aren't waterproof but I'd re-purchase them over and over as long as they are available cos they are really great.


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