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6 Feb 2015

that red lip is giving me life *grin*. Sleek Studio flash-a-pout lips in Siren
Dropping purple earrings provided a lovely contrast to the monochrome dress and you know I can't stay away from pearl right?
Simplicity is most times a thing of the mind. Working in Advertising has taught me that sometimes, the simplest creatives are the fastest for the consumer to understand and most times the most successful in a campaign. I daresay the SWIFT4G LTE campaign says it all. Simple bionic animals on white background and the consumers didn't need to have a record breaking IQ to understand what the visuals meant.

Somehow, coincidentally, sub-consciously, simplicity has always been my watchword when it comes to what I wear especially with my wardrobe being filled with blacks, browns and greys, 2015 has ushered in a new decision to infuse a bit of colour but I look forward to still infusing my fashion culture of 'simplicity is best'. 

This dress is a true picture of this culture. The first time I put it on, it seemed like it was too loose and didn't enhance my figure or fit like a glove. But wearing it out was an entirely different experience. I felt like the belle of the ball and I was walking on air *seriously*. I kept to my 2015 colour resolution with the pop of colour on my lips and the lovely, purple chandelier earrings

*dress, clutch, earrings, & pearl bracelet can be purchased at a 50% discount at The Nail Studio; 9, Aboyade Cole street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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