Yanga Beauty Haul | LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints, Glide Gel Liner, Hot Ticket Nail Polish

I was asking myself recently if it would be possible for me to get tired of makeup. I have a stack full which I rarely use cos I wear nude makep most of the time. The most colour I ever wear is red lipstick....I remember wearing purple though, and pink too I think, oh yes that deep red and that time I did an ombre lip....... when I receive this package from Yanga Beauty.

Inspire | 8 Truths Most Men Would Hate To Hear From a Lady by S.O.Z.

A lot of the time I try to stay away from any squirmish male/female conversations as they irritate me especially when they are public ones. This article however, made me giggle a lot and so I'm sharing it as this week's Inspire post *sue me, lol*. Just the way I read it as usual.

FOTD | Asian Pink and Smokey Eyes

And the story goes thus - you know how you want to use ALL the new products you just got in one day cos you can't wait any longer? That's exactly what happened to me here.

#MyStyle | Fall Fashion with Modcloth

Yes we don't have Fall in Nigeria but that doesn't mean I can't imagine there is and try out some layering & pairings just for fun. You never know, harmattan could just come early and I would have the chance to fake Fall *winks*

MakeMe Salon Haul & Product Review | Ludanmei Lipstick, L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer

Everyone has heard about MakeMe Salon and Ugo Igbokwe, the Hair Maestro. But what we all didn't really know is that he has a huge beauty store that stocks everything from hair pins to spritz to human hair, Tara, Zaron and some other brands (I'll post pictures from my visit in another post). In the meantime, I decided to rescind my "no makeup purchase" rule and got a couple of things for myself. Managed to sneak in a picture of myself, Ugo and Bayo Haastrup who stopped by while I was there.

Inspire | Turning Procrastination Into Motivation by Adam Singer

I procrastinate a lot so when I saw the title of this article, I didn't hesitate to click it. I think my boss might need to take note of the 1st and 3rd bullet points (while I secretly pray he doesn't read this post, lol). It's a great read so please click the jump.

Hotel Review | A Ground Floor Room in Villa Picasso

Just throwing in pictures of the ground floor room I got at Villa Picasso for the MTN Project Fame 7 Winners Party - Geoffrey won and Rukky, Christian and Clement followed respectively.

Event | An Audience with Eryca at The Nail Studio

Truthfully and honestly, quite a lot of awesome things happen to me. Most times, I am too caught up in chasing other things or even past things not to notice and I know for a fact that the good Lord is getting very upset with me because I have acted like an ingrate when really He has been awesome to me.
Lord, I'm sorry.

Inspire | 5 Reasons Every Man With Class Should Own A Wallet by Phil

Let's get it out in the open - seriously, how many guys have ever owned a wallet? Have you ever held a pure leather wallet in your hands or brought it out of your pocket or bag to the looks of admiration in the eyes of onlookers? I love leather wallets (not purses, wallets) as much as I love ties. I can't understand why a guy won't use a wallet but prefers to have all sorts of stuff scattered in his pocket *urgh*. This article right here sums it up for me.

Product Review | Sleek Makeup 'Glisten Me' Liquid Illuminator in Empress

Our climate is a bit tricky and can be very annoying sometimes especially after the harmattan (dry season). During rainy season, we have very sunny days in between so there is still the danger of having your makeup melt off your face. But I still love my highlighter.

Inspire | 7 Components to Healthy, Strong Relationships by Shannon Ables

relationshipsstrongFor those who know me really well, love relationships are not my strong point. I like them and would love to be in a really great one, but, I'm kinda so so about them (we'll leave that for another day). With me being all 'not so very interested' right now, it's a wonder I still read stuff like this but Shannon always has my ears pricked and my eyes glued to her life posts. Read this new post and I do believe I might be re-considering my earlier attitude towards it. Go Shannon!

Makeover 1923 | Khuraira Makeover with Stella

There are times when you just want to play around with makeup especially if like me, you don't have such an opportunity very often. This was a while ago and I decided that I'd try a brighter look on my sister. For some reason, I always go for smokey eyes and looks that make her already deep crease deeper. Hey, she likes them too, what can I say?