MakeMe Salon Haul & Product Review | Ludanmei Lipstick, L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer

21 Nov 2014

Everyone has heard about MakeMe Salon and Ugo Igbokwe, the Hair Maestro. But what we all didn't really know is that he has a huge beauty store that stocks everything from hair pins to spritz to human hair, Tara, Zaron and some other brands (I'll post pictures from my visit in another post). In the meantime, I decided to rescind my "no makeup purchase" rule and got a couple of things for myself. Managed to sneak in a picture of myself, Ugo and Bayo Haastrup who stopped by while I was there.

Yes, this is a Hong Kong brand and I got it only because I really don't have a personal pink lipstick for my own use. It was the day of the Genevieve Pink Ball and I was kinda desperate, lol. NOW, I absolutely love this and my mum has also snagged it for a couple of church outings. Being a vibrant, blue based pink, it is perfect for a wide range of skin tones - I'm fair skinned with yellow undertones and my Mum is dark skinned. It looks beautiful on both of us.

Can I just go ahead to tell you all the reasons why I think this lipstick is great??
  • It lasts ALL day. Seriously, I applied this in the morning, ate small chops, drank fruit juice, went off to the Palms to visit the Inglot store, had Cold Stone ice-cream and got back home....and I still had it on.
  • I've mentioned how versatile it is as it suits a variety of skin tones.
  • It is creamy and moisturising. I've recently being having a bout of dry lips and need my lip balms around me more than ever but applying this lipstick in the morning, my lips were fine for the rest of the day.
  • It is very pigmented. 2 layers were perfect with a light third one just to be sure. I've not really had great experiences with pink lipsticks so I'm always skeptical about them (don't blame me)
I fell into the band wagon and got the Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer in Dark. Did I spank myself or slap myself when I eventually tried it? I bought it with my own money so I'm determined to use it but seriously, this thing is waaaay too red to be used as a contour powder. I literally have to tap the product like I would glitter otherwise I'd end up looking burnt. I'm sure it's a great product but I've been too pissed off at myself for succumbing to the pressure of the blogosphere as concerns this product to figure out what else I can use it for. I'm sure I'll get another use for it when I'm more settled.
First I was stunned at the price. For some reason, I don't know why I thought the price would be on the high side. Bayo recommended Cool Tan when he saw me wondering which one to buy. I like it, I really do. While I'm not a member of the extreme highlighter family, I tried this in my under-eye area. It was a bit of work blending it out with my regular concealer brush but when I whipped out a Beauty Blender, it blended away like magic. Thanks Bayo for the shade recommendation, it's perfect for me. Considering that I use a Beauty Blender for Clients, if I decide to go on with commercial makeup, I'll have these in my kit along with the Khuraira dual concealer.
The picture of Ugo, Bayo and I, a classic even if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait for this post and so posted this lip swatch on Instagram the first time I wore the Ludanmei lipstick.


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