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3 Nov 2014

There are times when you just want to play around with makeup especially if like me, you don't have such an opportunity very often. This was a while ago and I decided that I'd try a brighter look on my sister. For some reason, I always go for smokey eyes and looks that make her already deep crease deeper. Hey, she likes them too, what can I say?
On this day, I wanted to try something different, I wanted some pink on her (I've used pink on her before in this post and it was gorgeous). Fortunately for me, I had just received a new batch of Khuraira cosmetics goodies and was dying to try my hands on them. Perfect opportunity to try out pink on her again. But in a different way this time.
Khuraira stick foundations in Chocolate and Suntan
Khuraira dual concealer
Khuraira Finishing powder
Khuraira blush in Prunelle

Khuraira Ombre pastel eyeshadow (blue)
Khuraira lengthening mascara

1st lips - Khuraira lipsticks in Fetish & Babydoll
2nd lips - Khuraira Delicious lipstick

Real Techniques
Hegai & Esther brushes
Gifty's Daughter professional brushes
Beauty blenders
What do you think? That baby pink ombre lip looks good on her right?

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