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1 Nov 2014

Remember Afroriri? I published a post on My First Impression about the brand and products when I first received them early last month. My washday was coming up then but this stretched till this month so here I am, about to tell you all what my experience with the brand was.
I am a typical Nigerian who wants to see suds when washing anything. If there are no suds, then it isn't clean. At the back of my head, I still have it etched in my memory that perhaps the African Naturalistas shampoos I have been using over the years didn't really clean my hair because there were no suds. It took me ages to get over that. For the Afroriri shampoo, it was literally fast acting. 

The first thing that I noticed though is that the shampoo is very light-weight. Same with the conditioner. I thought I would need to use about half of the contents but I used way less than that, especially for my hair length and fullness.

My hair had gone almost 2 months without a wash so I expected that I'd have to wash more than twice before the suds appear (an ancient way of indicating that the hair is clean). This was however not the case as the suds appeared after the first wash. Also, the rinsing out of the shampoo was a breeze. Usually, I would need to rinse a lot to get the shampoo out of my hair but with one bowl of water all the shampoo was out and my hair & scalp squeaky clean. I must admit that I was surprised. For me, this is a great water saving product as I used about half the amount of water I would normally use to wash my hair.

Truthfully, the conditioner didn't seem to do any different for me apart from it's very pleasant scent. This is the first time I've used a wash-out conditioner on my hair so I'm not quite sure what I was expecting. Truthfully, I'm yet to find a single product that reduces my detangling time.
The Luxe Hair Butter however was an entirely different case. FYI, my hair is still moisturised 3 weeks after washday. I applied this all over my scalp and hair while the hair was still damp. It was the first thing i used and it gave my scalp a very pleasant, tingling sensation. I love everything mint so I really like this. This product is most definitely water-based. I only had to clean my palms with a cloth after saturating my hair with this. I'm not sure what too much is, but my hair usually takes up a lot of product so I don't scrimp on products in general (guess that's why I'm finding it hard to use eco-styler cos I don't know what 'nickel size' means, lol).

After my washday, Afroriri sent me a couple of tips for using the Shampoo and Conditioner. Will be looking forward to trying them out during my next wash day. But...I will share the tips with you here first:
  • Add more honey to the Honey moisturising Shampoo that will be used for wash day. Pre-poo with honey if so desired.
  • Add 100% pure coconut oil to your AfroRiri detangling conditioner. Add as much as desired. Honey may be added to conditioner too. This will give a thorough conditioning.
Overall, my favourite is the Luxe Hair Butter from the scent to the texture and the moisturising quality. I read a couple of reviews previously that said it is great for growing hair edges. My edges need Jesus so you bet I'm on the look out for if this product can perform any miracles on it.

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