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27 Nov 2014

I was asking myself recently if it would be possible for me to get tired of makeup. I have a stack full which I rarely use cos I wear nude makep most of the time. The most colour I ever wear is red lipstick....I remember wearing purple though, and pink too I think, oh yes that deep red and that time I did an ombre lip....... when I receive this package from Yanga Beauty.
After days, weeks and months of hearing about the L.A. Glazed Lip paints I got 2 of my very own *dancing*. As shown in the image above, I got a m&ms along with my package. i decided to include them in the pictures. What do you think?
I got pin-up, which is supposed to be a pure red shade and blushing, which is kind of a lilac/pale pink shade
here are swatches of them
I'm a product loyalist and use products till they finish once I see that they perform great and I fall in love with them. I'm not sure how they figured out I was at the end of my favourite kajal pencil and sent me this in the package too. 
I MISS MY LONG NAILS. But what can I do? I just have to be patient and wait for them to grow out. This duochrome nail polish is gorgeous. I son't own such a colour and I can't wait to try it out on long nails.
tried it on my current horrible nails though, lol
Review coming soon. I've been wearing a #nomakeup face these past few weeks, lol.

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