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14 Nov 2014

Truthfully and honestly, quite a lot of awesome things happen to me. Most times, I am too caught up in chasing other things or even past things not to notice and I know for a fact that the good Lord is getting very upset with me because I have acted like an ingrate when really He has been awesome to me.
Lord, I'm sorry.

I recently was called to do 2 things at an event - assist Eryca Freemantle in putting together a rather important event and to do a makeup demonstration for Khuraira Cosmetics at that same event. I must admit that the idea of doing a makeup demonstration was a bit daunting as you all know how shy I am. I like to hide in the corner and be the person fluttering around the periphery of the room and not in the center of it. Anyways, I had no choice. I was humbled to have been asked by these 2 awesome women to be there for them and couldn't let such a chance go by without putting in my best.

I got some pictures from the event which were taken by Bowii (he came through at the last minute and I appreciate him for that). I have randomly arranged the pictures, hopefully my chit chat is enough to take you through them *grin*.
A pic with Jenika Mukoro and Beverly Naya who was the Special Guest at the event. She had a rather emotional session which everyone appreciated as she spoke about her '50 Shades of Black Project'. Did you know that she is the Ambassador for Dark & Lovely in Nigeria? Well, for those who just got to know that day, they went home with a lovely, full Dark & Lovely goodie bag.
MJ from Zaron demonstrating how to create a beautiful daytime look. There were LOADS of questions, mainly about the brows *why am I not surprised?*
There I am on the right, hands shaking demonstrating a transition from a day look to a Smokey eye for evening with Khuraira Cosmetics. Did I mention that I was really nervous and my hands were shaking? Yep. 
On the left is Eryca Freemantle and Beverly Naya before the event kicked off actually.
During my demonstration with Khuraira Cosmetics. I was better at answering the questions about the type of makeup to do for occasions, working on set with a team, what to do with a Client who demands you do what you believe won't look good [My answer to that is "if that's what she wants, that's what she gets. Your job is to make her look good in it"]
The high point of the event was when Eryca Freemantle and Irene Syrimis of The Nail Studio announced their partnership which would result in bringing the first ever set of VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) certified courses to West Africa. These will be happening very soon so keep your ears to the ground.
Yes, Daboju Ogboru of naijahaircangrow and Savvy & Chic Hair & Beauty Hub was there. We just had to take a picture. 
And then Eryca Freemantle began the personal appreciation
first up, was Zaron and of course MaryJane
he wasn't expecting it but next up was Khuraira Cosmetics and Ugo of MakeMe was called up. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that MakeMe is the official stockist for Khuraira Cosmetics in Nigeria. You need to see the makeup Island in the store. I couldn't resist. Review post coming soon on the goodies I got there.
of course the lovely Beverly Naya
I wasn't left out *grin*
the ladies of the UK Trade & Investment (commonly known as UKTI) in Nigeria were also appreciated for their support of the Eryca Freemantle brand
There was a raffle where the winner gets a whole VTCT Training session free and one of the ladies from UKTI won. Sadness for the rest of us you bet.
Beverley, the winner of the raffle and Eryca Freemantle
It was a lovely outing. I made a lot of new contacts *wink* and of course left with goodies from Dark & Lovely and Zaron.
It was a lot of fun and as usual, I ended up really tired. Got in a couple of great selfies though, lol. 
Oh, did I mention that I escaped an interview with Spice TV who were there but couldn't get away from one with R2TV? So, if you see me on TV, please take a pic and DM to me.

Cheers lovelies,

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