Weekend Blues | Project Fame All Stars Concert & Auditions

Hello lovelies, how was your weekend?
Mine was off to a great start and went all the while great and I ended up not getting enough sleep.
I'll herald you with the great stories of how it went though while trying hard not to bore you, lol.
This is how it began with me posting this to Instagram on Friday morning - 
#Barbaraatwork: good morning everyone. Perfect day for a cuppa milk infused Lipton tea. It's also a Sneaker kind of day too. Got these from +ASOS . Paired with Black office tee '#Enemies of the Ordinary' emblazoned on it, regular blue denim and long gold necklace from @myglitterbug #instafashion

#MyStyle | Vintage + Colour on a Sunday

It feels so odd and tiring trying to get  you guys to go over to my Tumblr blog to check out my fashion posts so I am doing it right here *tongue out*. Leaving my Tumblr for natural hair pictures, inspirations, God and the odd Instagram shares.

On to this post.
Remember this post? I paired it with a black, straight skirt and it came out really nice. I managed to convince my sister that taking pictures of me after church would be a great way for her to start taking better pictures *grin*. Thankfully, she did a great job and they came out great.

Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) | New Station Montage

Hello guys,
So unfortunately I am usually unable to be at EVERY SINGLE shoot done by Spice TV (as much as I would love to because they are so much fun.....and work as well, lol). I have to appease myself with drooling over any new fashion film or station montage or filler that comes out (which is usually not enough to satisfy me as you can imagine).

Anyhow, I was on the site a couple of days ago (I am usually at the backend of the site and so might not see what everyone sees for days on end), and saw this really cool montage of the station which is utterly beautiful.

FOTD | Elsie Vintage, Sleek Makeup & Magnolia on Sunday

On a normal day at work, I wear no makeup. On special days/days I wake up with makeup on my mind, I spend 20mins max on my makeup. On Sundays however, I can spend up to 45mins doing my makeup. Sundays are for our 'Sunday Best' so I decide how I want to look to complement whatever it is I am wearing on that particular sunday.

On this day, I was wearing a top I got from Elsie Vintage last year at a Shopping Event. This top has been sitting in my closet since last year and has never been worn. Why? I really have no idea. On this particular day, I was feeling breezy and bright and so decided to wear it. I wanted colour on my face but had no idea how it would look considering that I love neutrals and have those on most of the time. Seeing as I don't work with colour on myself most of the time, I decided to use the colours on the top as an inspiration.
And, this is how it turned out.

Product Review | Tara High Shine Lip Stain in Tiye

Remember the Lipgloss I got in my House of Tara Beauty Bruncheon goodie bag? High Shine Lip Stain in Tiye. You can read about it here. I didn't get to swatch it on my lips to see how the reflects and high shine claim works. I only recently got to try it out and here are images of the result

Music | Asa, More Alive Than 'Dead Again'

Have you watched the new Asa single from her upcoming album Bed of Stone?
If your answer is no, please watch it below before you click the jump

General Ramblings & Travel: On Instagram

I recently decided to dabble into a couple of new things on Instagram. Things like taking pictures in a different way, taking pictures of different thing, more 'selfless' pictures (not sure how to explain that though), more fun and generally being more carefree with it instead of making everything strategic.

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My first and utterly successful #blacknwhite picture. Should take more of them

Beauty: On Instagram

It's TGIF baby! A great day for an Instagram recap don't you think?
We did 'My Hair On Instagram' yesterday, today it is 'Beauty On Instagram'

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Calia MedSpa, For All Your Social Confidence Needs

When I first heard about the opening of a new spa in Lekki called Calia MedSpa, believe it or not but the first thing that came to my mind was the Nutrition/Weightloss service they provide. Unfortunately, I couldn't get more information about it from their website because it is a customised service. Oh well, another time I guess.

But I found out some other stuff about them though which is the reason for this post and why I will say - YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT OUT!

This isn't just a spa, it is a MediSpa which means that along with offering massage, facial treaments, body wraps and all the other things that a regular spa offers, they also offer cosmetic medical treatments. What the heck are those you might ask? examples of Cosmetic Medical treatments are Botox injections, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. These are legally performed under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor so you are in great hands.

Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) | House of Tara Lekki Launch & House of Nkwocha Fashion Show

Oh save us from crappy photography skills, Amen.

It was the launch of the House of Tara Centro Mall outlet and also the House of Nkwocha Fashion Show (which I must add was fabulous. I rarely attend fashion shows and when I do get a chance to I am usually backstage but this was fabulous).
It was a sunday and I had to go to church (of course, God comes first). Church is in Maryland, Centro Mall is in Lekki Phase 1 and the Fashion Show was going to be close to Oniru estate *sweat*.

I sped off right after church and headed out to The Makeup Connect Series in Ikeja (don't say anything), after which I then sped off after about 30 minutes to Centro Mall with my colleagues pursuing me down third mainland with phone calls. I got there with a couple of  minutes to spare in time to put together a bright lipped look for Elma using an orange lippie.
ELma on the orange carpet. Her lips matched the carpet albeit coincidentally, lol

My Hair | On Instagram

I have been going crazy on Instagram lately (loving up all my over 1,000 followers *yaay*. I did a giveaway when I hit a thousand followers).

I have posted quite a lot over the last couple of weeks and have decided that my On Instagram posts will be split in 2 - one for my hair, and one for makeup. Hmmmm, thinking that another category for General Ramblings & Travel might not be such a bad idea either.

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the first friday in my new office. I let her all out so she can breathe

My Hair | Natural Nigerian win at #SMW2014

Heard about Natural Nigerian? If you have natural curly hair, live in Nigeria and have never heard about Natural Nigerian......I don't know what to say to you except "you are pathetic".

As I was saying, I have been following Natural Nigerian even before I decided to go natural (even more so after going natural). When she released her own line of products, I longed to try them out but was too lazy to go anywhere so didn't. They say if the mountain refuses to move towards you, then move towards the mountain. This time, the mountain moved towards me (I'm a lazy natural remember?). I went for the Natural Hair session during Social Media Week 2014, answered a question and was gifted with a bag of Natural Nigerian products *yaaay*.
 You can't imagine how happy I was.
Leave-in conditioner, lemongrass oil & Bentonite Clay (which I had never heard about until that day. I googled it to know what it was used for) & Lemongrass Essential Oil

FOTD | Clean, Simple & Smokey with Braids

My birthday this year was on a Sunday (only the good Lord understands why it is is June and I am talking about it *covers face*).
It is the monday after the big day and I know that I will face the Spanish Inquisition if I so much as step out of my house without makeup on. I got braids done the day before the big day so it is technically 3 days old.

Anyway, simple, clean makeup was the order of the day. Nothing fancy. I used my everyday makeup products to achieve the look.

Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) | Savvy & Chic Hair & Beauty Hub Launch

Truth be told this year has been kind of slow especially before Social Media Week. We had very few events and shows to attend. It was like a drought. When my boss at Spice TV called and said we had a beauty store launch to attend my heart leaped for joy.
Saturday beckoned, there was something else we had to do earlier in the day (I forget now) while the launch was in the evening. Evening came, and we were there. Unfortunately, African time prevailed but the event finally started.

A little introduction, Savvy & Chic Beauty Hub is simply a place to get authentic hair & beauty products at an affordable price. Owned by Daboju Ogboru (who also happens to be the owner of naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com). Savvy & Chic has a magazine, an online store as well as a physical store located ion Awolowo road Ikoyi.

Leslie Okoye of Cookie Skin was the brand's first Cover girl and she was present at the launch of the store.

Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) | Style 101

Have you been watching Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192)? I have been quite swamped at work to watch TV and so end up missing most of the shows I worked on. If you have and by any chance On The Couch or Style 101 is on, kindly record it for me.

We got to shoot Style 101 a couple of weeks ago. I was personally inspired because I was going to see some fashion & beauty industry professionals I personally loved and always wanted to meet, most especially Lisa of JBL & Zara, her PR girl, lol.

Week 3 | Khuraira Lipsticks

I rarely wear colour on my lips, infact, left to me alone I would wear only lip balm on my lips with the occassional red lipstick for those days I want a little bit of vavavoom. Once again, my  mom and sis got to the stash before me and left me with these.