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23 Jun 2014

I recently decided to dabble into a couple of new things on Instagram. Things like taking pictures in a different way, taking pictures of different thing, more 'selfless' pictures (not sure how to explain that though), more fun and generally being more carefree with it instead of making everything strategic.

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To view all the 'fun' stuff I have been up to, continue below
My first and utterly successful #blacknwhite picture. Should take more of them
Femi crashing my picture at work
What I wore. My most successful #WhatIWore picture. Should take more of them
my dedicated #MCM DJ Neptune
Uncle Bennnnnn
fun time in Benin (mehn, I was raggedly tired out by this time)
went to play in the pool but a swim suit #selfie first
Welcome to Kwara state Barbara & 1923
it is so nice to meet new friends. Hi Ndidi
Early morning chilling out #selfie before work starts again
the most beautiful pool in Benin City
with a colleague Iyanya and Banky W
Lights Out Benin. A tiring first concert day. We tried our best and it was perfecto. See racoon eyes popping out at you
Seriously the best travel makeup companions. 5 minutes makeup at its best
I got to sleep on this bed all by myself for 2 days, 2 glorious days *sigh*
such a cutie. A fun kids shoot we did at SPICE. It was fun I must admit but sooooo tiring.
I repeat, my sister made me stand like this in this picture
Old products, New blog posts
#MTNRadioTweetIn with Timaya. The hair in this picture has been so requested I am positively sick and tired of it
WIE conference again. I got a positive fashion nod from Ezinne Chinkata & Latash Ngwube so of course I was going to take a full picture of the look in front of the WIE banner.
My first officially famous selfie, lol. Got a selfie with Mo Abudu at WIE. She was tired and ran away after but I love her more for obliging me. Thanks so much
this is what I usually do to prep people before off camera interviews *covers face*
Got to hangout with Helen Paul for a shoot
Supposed to be a replication of the Oscar selfie. Can't believe they wrecked it. SMH


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