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27 Jun 2014

Hello guys,
So unfortunately I am usually unable to be at EVERY SINGLE shoot done by Spice TV (as much as I would love to because they are so much fun.....and work as well, lol). I have to appease myself with drooling over any new fashion film or station montage or filler that comes out (which is usually not enough to satisfy me as you can imagine).

Anyhow, I was on the site a couple of days ago (I am usually at the backend of the site and so might not see what everyone sees for days on end), and saw this really cool montage of the station which is utterly beautiful.

I went over to the Vimeo channel (yes, we have Youtube and Vimeo channels. They cater to 2 different audiences as you might notice when you visit them both. But sometimes have the same videos due to the viewing capabilities of some of our viewers) and saw another one which totally blew me away

So head on over to DSTV Channel 192 to watch any of our awesome programmes......you can also watch some of our special features on Vimeo too you know?

Let me know what you think about the beauty and makeup aspects of the channel and what you would like us to improve on and you bet I will be letting you as much as I do about our programmes right here on the blog.


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