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6 Jun 2014

Have you been watching Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192)? I have been quite swamped at work to watch TV and so end up missing most of the shows I worked on. If you have and by any chance On The Couch or Style 101 is on, kindly record it for me.

We got to shoot Style 101 a couple of weeks ago. I was personally inspired because I was going to see some fashion & beauty industry professionals I personally loved and always wanted to meet, most especially Lisa of JBL & Zara, her PR girl, lol.

this was the first episode shot and it was with Debola Falana, Dimeji Alara and Zed Eye (she was yet to arrive when I took this shot). I really loved the angle.
Ah, here she is. The complete panel with Tolu Doherty presiding.
A bit of fashion policing going on with Praiz on the big screen. He rocked the outfit though so praises all round.
Debola shared some tips for perfect brows during the panel as brows have created something of a controversy here in Nigeria. You all know me, I am ALWAYS for natural looking brows.
2nd panel and my favourite so far - from the left Lisa Folawiyo, Bubu Ogiso, Tolu Doherty and Toke Makinway - Ayida.
of course I had to take a picture with Lisa. Posted this on Instagram the very day of the shoot. It is so cool that she remembers my name every time we meet and knows that I blog about makeup and do makeup besides working in Marketing Comms.
Tiring, super tiring infact but very fun. I am looking forward to shooting the next Style 101 shoot. Who knows I just might get the chance to be a part of the panel talking about natural hair *fingers crossed*

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