Weekend Blues | Project Fame All Stars Concert & Auditions

30 Jun 2014

Hello lovelies, how was your weekend?
Mine was off to a great start and went all the while great and I ended up not getting enough sleep.
I'll herald you with the great stories of how it went though while trying hard not to bore you, lol.
This is how it began with me posting this to Instagram on Friday morning - 
#Barbaraatwork: good morning everyone. Perfect day for a cuppa milk infused Lipton tea. It's also a Sneaker kind of day too. Got these from +ASOS . Paired with Black office tee '#Enemies of the Ordinary' emblazoned on it, regular blue denim and long gold necklace from @myglitterbug #instafashion
then I proceeded to the bathroom to take my first ever bathroom #selfie. Posted it on Instagram today.

We had to head out to the Project Fame All Stars Concert & thus ensured a long silence cos I was hard at work until Mr. Wellington decided not to respond easily to my request for a picture
It did bring a bubble of laughter out of me though cos it took me by surprise. He was determined to avoid having me take a picture but thankfully, he agreed. Thanks Mr. Wellington.

The concert ended at about past 3am with all of us being tired and profoundly weary. All I could think about was dumping myself in the middle of my hotel room bed and waking up by 12pm the next day. That was until I entered the room
Even though I was profoundly tired it instantly cheered me up. I took a pic and posted on Instagram that very minute, lol. Here is what I captioned it - 
After a whole day, night & wee early morning hours of work, this brightened up my spirit a whole lot. Good night world, it's time for this babe to get her beauty sleep on.
***p.s. I really liked the hotel and took enough pictures for a hotel review which I will be uploading sometime during the week. Before the next hotel though, lol.

Breakfast was lovely
And then we set out for the Audition venue. I tied a scarf over my hair in a different way and so even though my makeup was really light I wanted to take a picture of it. 
I had 2 scarves on but surprisingly they didn't clash. I think that was because they both had the same brown tones which went right along with the over-shirt I had on too.

The Auditions moved along pretty quickly (you should check out +MTN NIGERIA on Instagram & Twitter @MTNNG as they provide live Project Fame updates) and we didn't have to spend too long. I had an opportunity to take a pic with a very fine man too. Trust me, I grabbed it quickly
Yup, Benjamin Joseph. You can hate me all you like but I'm the one who got to take a pic with the very fine Project Fame host *tongue out*.

Wasn't feeling too adventurous on Sunday so rocked blue denim and a black tee again paired with these
Caption? - 
Denim & black tee kinda Sunday for#MTNProjectFame7 audition grind with cross body bag from +ASOS ; gold/pearl bracelet & long chain from@myglitterbug; gold watch was a gift & my lipgloss companion from @zaronhairandmakeup. Have a fab Sunday everyone

Breakfast was a breeze
Fried Yam and Egg sauce

The rest of the Sunday went by with Auditions, Catwoman (I just must mention how fine Halle Berry is) and me utilising the video chat option on whatsapp to the fullest. That's all I do now, lol. I am now on whatsapp fully so that's where you can catch me if you don't want to send me a mail or DM or PM.

So that's how my weeekend went. It's Monday so we were at the office bright and early and I've been lugging my luggage behind me all through today.

How was yours?


  1. the pictures are so lovely
    you look like you had an amazing time
    and im so jealous you got to take pictures with Joseph Benjamin lol

    1. Hi darlin, lol, That's the point na *grin*
      It was fun but I was dropping off to sleep at my desk all day monday.

  2. That #EnemiesOfTheOrdinary Tee reminds me of DDB. I never saw you there though, interned there last year.


    1. Hi Tuke, I work there now. Started in May of this year though so no way we could have met.
      Will look forward to meeting you now.

    2. Awww, nice. What department are you in? How are you finding the experience so far? I'm sure we'll have a lot to gist about. DDB is a very interesting place to work at.

    3. I'm in Digital Tuke. Lol, has been fun so far. Looking forward to the gist


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