Spice TV (DSTV Channel 192) | House of Tara Lekki Launch & House of Nkwocha Fashion Show

19 Jun 2014

Oh save us from crappy photography skills, Amen.

It was the launch of the House of Tara Centro Mall outlet and also the House of Nkwocha Fashion Show (which I must add was fabulous. I rarely attend fashion shows and when I do get a chance to I am usually backstage but this was fabulous).
It was a sunday and I had to go to church (of course, God comes first). Church is in Maryland, Centro Mall is in Lekki Phase 1 and the Fashion Show was going to be close to Oniru estate *sweat*.

I sped off right after church and headed out to The Makeup Connect Series in Ikeja (don't say anything), after which I then sped off after about 30 minutes to Centro Mall with my colleagues pursuing me down third mainland with phone calls. I got there with a couple of  minutes to spare in time to put together a bright lipped look for Elma using an orange lippie.
ELma on the orange carpet. Her lips matched the carpet albeit coincidentally, lol

And then it was time to get ready for the Fashion Show. How would I change her makeup from a bright lipped day look to a smoldering night look? Hanging out the window of her car of course. There we were, parked side by side in Lekki phase 1. The back door of my car open and the drivers window of her car open. Products on her laps and brushes in both my hands. With no time to lose, I settled for the fastest look I could think of - dark smokey eyes, nude lips and a heavy lighted face. In 15 minutes (minus the numerous trips to my Zuca for the needed products, stumbling in the sand and fumbling with my phone torchlight), we were ready. The band aids I always have in my box came to our aid and off we went to the fashion show *phew*.

I love such hurried and harried Spice TV days sincerely (no matter how much I complain about backache and headache afterwards)

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  1. Seems like you had alot of fun. The makeup looks good too. Well done (:


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