MAC Cosmetics Masterclass in Lagos, Nigeria

Early this year, the city of Lagos rocked with the news of the coming to Nigeria of the makeup giant - MAC Cosmetics and all makeup lovers eagerly looked forward to being a part of the revolution.
It was thus no surprise to feel the undertones of excitement when in late January invitations via email were sent to select professional makeup artists in Nigeria to attend the first ever MAC Cosmetics masterclass in Nigeria which was to be taught by the MAC Senior Artist Michelle Lee Collins.
Yours truly was one of those and here is my attendance of the masterclass in pictures.
it was a reunion of sorts for a whole bunch of us as in the rather busy and cosmopolitan city of Lagos it had been a while since we had reconnected.
From the top - Nike Ogungbe of Ewar makeovers (whom I was sooo pleased to finally meet after so long), Kristabel Makeovers (whom I also loved finally meeting for the first time that day), Bimpe Onaloya, Oriton Faloughi (peeping from behind), Lola Maja Okojevoh and Juliette Okoli
Bottom left - Julie of Brushes n Pencils & Oriton; Bottom right - Love Olaleye of Flawless Touch, Omon of Beautycook and Nike of Ewar Makeovers

Nigerian MUAs in Essence Magazine

Earlier today, top monthly magazine for African-American - Essence Magazine featured an article which showcased Dramatic Makeup Transformations on Instagram. They asked their Instagram followers to shout-out their favourite makeup mavens and I am so happy to say that 2 Nigerian MUAs were on the list with 2 pictures each.

Here they are:
Gifty's Daughter

Crystal Eyez
Congratulations ladies!
You know I am super proud of you.

1923 Face of the Day: Natural Smokey Sunday

Yes I have been extremely lazy recently and not really done makeup on myself enough to take pictures of them for Face of the Days. I have repented and to show you how much I have I shall begin my comeback with the laziest of my makeup looks.
taken with a blackberry

Gifty's Daughter in Lagos

As I am sure more than a few of you are aware, Nigeria's biggest retailer of professional makeup artist products and tools has opened up shop in Lagos.
just a few of the products available. Didn't have the energy to take pictures of all.
Yours truly got first dibs on the items at the store and have a gorgeous haul to show for it.
clockwise from the upper right hand - MUFE Flash palette, Sam Fine Tunisian eyeshadow quad, NYX nail polishes, LBC Brush shampoo, Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in dark (this was a gift from Funke), Preo individual lash curler
Wet n Wild palettes in Blue had me at Hello and Petal Pusher, Ben Nye Banana powder and the Black beauty blender, A-Design finishing brush (not pictured)
Erm..... the BB cream and Beauty blender are not up for sale though.
I have definitely dipped my fingers into ALL of my purchases (I am sorry) but not without taking a picture of them all first (with the exception of the A-design brush mentioned in the second haul). So I will definitely be doing a review of all of them. Individually and grouped but mainly as I feel like.

As an aside, a great store manager cum makeup artist with more of product knowledge & great personality and less actual makeup artistry is needed at the store. Experience in sales will be an added advantage. Please send your CV to

The store is located at 25a Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos
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Sunscreen & The Best Shield For Nigerian Sun "SmartShield"

Oh, this definitely isn't the full size product. This is a sample to give out to the first Lagos (Nigeria) based person who gets the question at the end of this post correctly. This is a lengthy, factual and extremely knowledge packed post, I wrote it but I must admit that it is a tad boring so the first one through deserves to get this sample.

Keep Calm and Blog On!

A couple of days ago I heard that Google reader will be closing up shop on the 1st of July *loud wail and a confused look*. After years of trying to beef up my GFC followership it is all going to come to an end *sigh*.

O well, the good news is I have a chance to build a followership all over again as my amateur years are over and I am now a better blogger with experience and I like to think better content.

So here are the ways you can still follow me, my posts and every other random and eccentric thing I do:
  • Bloglovin (to follow all my blog posts and be informed of blog updates)
  • Facebook (I do a lot of makeup work amongst other things there)
  • Twitter (the serious me who has to think up 140 characters or less)
  • Tumblr (I love to share christian quotes & my love for natural hair really shines forth here)
  • Pinterest (Don't get me started on this gorgeous pinning site, just get on it & follow me)
  • Instagram (me being silly, me being good, me sharing my lunch with you & some spontaneity)

I am so looking forward to connecting with you all on the other social networking sites so SEE YOU THERE!


Product Review: Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye color in ‘Summer Suedes’

The sun is shining bright in the sky, the kids are playing all around you and bright colours rule the day

I am a true fan of the Revlon ColorStay series and reviews about the products in the series I have not tried are also encouraging. I thus went ahead to order this quad (also from, just to quell my curiosity regarding the pigmentation of the products.

What Do You Dream of?

…. In my hand was a vintage coin purse. I automatically opened it and found a 2-way mirror in it.

Thrift Find: Pearl Green Shimmer Blazer

As she walks in the room, the light is brighter; the ball glimmers and sparkles as the shimmer gets nearer.

I have never been  to a disco before so I wondered why this was the very place I thought of wearing this blazer to. I guess it is true what they say about not being able to control your thoughts (sometimes).

Product Review: MAC Veluxe Pearl Eye Shadow in ‘Blue Flame’

My mother always said that the best flame for cooking is always the blue flame as it leaves the pots clean and the food nicely cooked

I actually bought this product because I saw a picture of the mineralised version of it. Imagine my disappointment when this was the one I got.
I however shrugged my shoulder and decided to make the best of it. I absolutely love blue eye looks so this was not hard to do especially after seeing all the really cool looks when I checked google.

28 Days of Red Contest - And The Winner Is.......

And the winner of the contest is Damilola Akinyemi *applause*
Well done dear and Congratulations.
Please send me a mail with your contact info and I will clarify from BM|Pro how the contest prize will be received.

28 Days of Red - Day 25 'Curly Red FOTD'

So I am rocking my first ever set of natural twists and in my mind the 28 Days of Red series is still on *grin*

This was my Monday look to work even though it was experimental I absolutely loved the way it turned out and can't wait to try all the products I used again. The best part is .... I used the Smashbox BB cream I got in my Gifty's Daughter Haul (will show you that soon)

28 Days of Red - Day 28 'Contest Entries'

As you all know, the 28 Days of Red contest has also come to an end along with the series.
All the pictures from the contest can be viewed on the Barbara & 1923 FB page

As announced in the beginning, the winners are to be decided via FB interactions and comments on the blog here so here are the contest entries. If you want your favourite contestant to win, then be sure to select the right picture.
my own contest entry, lol.

28 Days of Red - Day 24 'Nail Art Inspiration'

Hey guys, Thank God It's Friday once again. The series is technically over so I am not wearing anything red, lol (except that my tee has a sprinkling of red blocked font on it)

I shared a couple of nail pictures with you all during the series; and even though I have cut my nails real low and they are suffering from peelings and stuff, I have decided to incorporate more nail posts to my blog content *grin*. I sure hope I do them justice.
Here are some pretty easy nail art pictures that have inspired me in recent times