Product Review: MAC Veluxe Pearl Eye Shadow in ‘Blue Flame’

5 Mar 2013

My mother always said that the best flame for cooking is always the blue flame as it leaves the pots clean and the food nicely cooked

I actually bought this product because I saw a picture of the mineralised version of it. Imagine my disappointment when this was the one I got.
I however shrugged my shoulder and decided to make the best of it. I absolutely love blue eye looks so this was not hard to do especially after seeing all the really cool looks when I checked google.
As the name suggests, it is a blue eye shadow colour, a bit on the darker side and  has a tinge of purple in it (I don’t know cos it doesn’t show up in the pictures).

-          Definitely a good buy as the pigmentation is very good as shown by the one layer needed to make the really nice swatch.
-          Long lasting formulation means it will also last long on the lids especially after using a base or primer under it.

What are your thoughts on this product all you MAC lovers?

*This product was purchased by me and I have not been paid or sponsored to write this review.


  1. I love this color!! It looks so beautiful. I love MAC shadows.

    Take Care,
    Mand Jean

  2. oooh, i LOVE blue eyeshadows. You actually got a better deal in my opinion. The Mineralized shadows are pretty in the pan but a pain to work with unless you use them wet. The Veluxe Pearl finish is my favourite with MAC shadows because they are not too frosty and they apply on very smoothly and blend well. This will make such a pretty lid colour. One blue baked eyeshadow you should try and get your hands on is the Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Blue My Mind. Thank me later. hehe


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