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23 Mar 2013

A couple of days ago I heard that Google reader will be closing up shop on the 1st of July *loud wail and a confused look*. After years of trying to beef up my GFC followership it is all going to come to an end *sigh*.

O well, the good news is I have a chance to build a followership all over again as my amateur years are over and I am now a better blogger with experience and I like to think better content.

So here are the ways you can still follow me, my posts and every other random and eccentric thing I do:
  • Bloglovin (to follow all my blog posts and be informed of blog updates)
  • Facebook (I do a lot of makeup work amongst other things there)
  • Twitter (the serious me who has to think up 140 characters or less)
  • Tumblr (I love to share christian quotes & my love for natural hair really shines forth here)
  • Pinterest (Don't get me started on this gorgeous pinning site, just get on it & follow me)
  • Instagram (me being silly, me being good, me sharing my lunch with you & some spontaneity)

I am so looking forward to connecting with you all on the other social networking sites so SEE YOU THERE!


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