Tool Review: Cuff Palette

25 Mar 2013

Do you remember my December 2012 Gifty's Daughter Haul?
Well, Funke threw this in for me - A Cuff Palette

At first I wondered what I was going to use it for and wanted to do a blog giveaway for it but everything got in the way and it just got postponed.

Sometime last month, I had a couple of photoshoots to do and for some weird reason decided that perhaps I should give this palette a try. At the first and second shoots it was just ok, serving as a regular palette to put my products on and mix them but at the third shoot however, it was different.
The model was standing and having her pictures taken quite a distance from where I had my makeup set-up. I needed to touch her up, change her lip colour and also adjust some of her eye makeup as well. I had the lip colours mixed on the cuff palette and placed somewhere and I was going back and forth. The photographer urged me to hurry up and I proceeded to just fit the cuff on my wrist and that just made everything so much easier. 

There and then I decided not to give it away but instead keep it for my own use. I do a lot of shoots and a couple of times, I have to stand and touch-up a bride or change her lip colour and this would be perfect for getting that done.

The good news is that Funke also has the cuff palette along with some finger palettes in the Gifty's Daughter Lagos store so be sure to hurry before they go out of stock.

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