1923 Face of the Day: Natural Smokey Sunday

26 Mar 2013

Yes I have been extremely lazy recently and not really done makeup on myself enough to take pictures of them for Face of the Days. I have repented and to show you how much I have I shall begin my comeback with the laziest of my makeup looks.
taken with a blackberry

For this look, I usually just have on foundation, powder, a slight blush, my brows filled out, mascara and lipgloss. For my eyes, I have a trick I do with them where I don't put anything on them but leave them bare. I however make sure to conceal the darkness under my eyes and by doing this, I achieve what I like to call "a natural smokey eye"

This is the look I did on a sunday earlier in the year. I loved the way it turned out and I have done it every once in a while since then (i still had my braids on so you can imagine how old it is).
Can't remember the products I used but I am sure they are the regular ones I use.
I have decided that my Face of the Days will be more informative with short Keek videos embedded into them *yaaay me*

See you soon.

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  1. I like the makeup. Yaiy 4 keek I shall look out 4dem.


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