#PinkLips for Breast Cancer Awareness - October 2015

#PinkLips people, yes I know but this was one of the images I posted in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On to Pink Lips. Totally unprepared, I decided to do a #PinkLipsChallenge in October but there were certain factors that weren't considered so it was kind of incomplete *covers face*.

First, I don't like Pink so doing pink lips for any number of days is a challenge. Second, because I don't like pink, I don't favour pink lip colours so don't have a lot of them. Third, the planning element was missing so a couple of days were missed here, there and eventually everywhere.

Beauty Blogging 101 | Why I'm Doing This | Watch

I've been a beauty blogger for about 5 years now and throughout that time, I've read soooooooo many posts, articles, hints, tidbits and generally absorbed as much as I could about being a better blogger. 

The Nigerian Beauty Blogger - Beauty Blogging 101

Ever since my appearance on the Beyond Beauty Blogging panel at #SMW2015, I knew I wanted to do something educative for Beauty Bloggers and in fact amateur bloggers in general. I eventually came up with a workshop of sorts but hey, we all love freebies (including me) and only pay for things when we can determine that the value is intangible or when we are ready to go deeper and make a financial commitment.