Arknowledge: The Big Idea (Gabriel Olonisakin)

The first post on the WORK tab will be an Arknowledge presentation.  Please note that all the posts under Arknowledge are my synopsis of the various presentations. I wish I could share all the presentations with you (but then my blog won't be a makeup/beauty blog anymore but an advertising blog *sulk*. So i won't). I will only share some, which i feel will resonate with the branding aspect of the beauty industry (FYI: branding and beauty are more related than you think)
Please feel free to express yourself in the comments and by all means your contributions will be very welcome.

All forms of communication begin with The Big Idea, so that is where we will start.
My favourite slide in the entire presentation was the first slide and it read:

What we know is that ideas are precious. They are hard to come by, fragile when young, powerful when established. They change perceptions, command loyalty (and attract imitators), and build brands.

Essentially, a big idea is made up of the new and knew. New being something unknown; and Knew being something already in existence and related to the industry. Bringing these 2 together brings about an explosive idea. Commonly known as the ‘big idea’.

This really awesome video describes where big ideas come from.

One truth about big ideas is that they are true enough for people to believe in eg. Tesco
Big Idea - Making Shopping easier

The big idea generation is in different stages:
-          Conception: Problem Exploration (this is where you identify the problem, fact finding) & Brainstorming (a lot of ideas are generated, imagination is key, Combine and build ideas, seek wild ideas, Go for quantity)

-          Distillation:  Here you employ logic, explore qualitative ideas and judge them, decide which ones to go with and refine them. Be affirmative.

-          Execution:  the execution of the idea is very key and thus has to be handled creatively. The execution involves message design: how the idea is spun out into specific promotional materials such as press releases, brochures, posters, and special events.

You may or may not have heard of Star Beer,  but this was used as a case study.

The Big Idea was Reinforce bonding with various grass root communities in Nigeria.

From the very first campaign slogan of  “Ah! Star – Beer at its best” introduced in 1949 to the “Brightness” campaign in the 1970s and 80s, the “Turn to Star – the ideal Brew” campaign launched in 1989 to the “Live the Brighter Life In Style – Star Ahead on Taste” campaign in the 1990s. To the recent campaigns of “Never a Dull Moment with Star” to “Share the Brighter Life” and currently “Star Connects” – It is clear that the advertising history of STAR has been consistent in creating the image of BRIGHTNESS, FUN, SOCIABILITY, and BEST for the brand.

In conclusion, What makes an idea big?
-          Deep  insight
-          It has to be relevant and memorable
-          Impactful
-          Original

What is your definition of  a Big Idea?

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Hello everyone,

By now you know that along with being a freelance makeup artist and makeup/beauty blogger & writer, I am also an Advertising Executive. I work full-time in an Advertising Agency, happily, we recently broke a record and became the first Nigerian Agency to appear in Lurzer's Archive. You can read all about it in my Lurzer's Archive post

Yes this is a makeup/beauty blog but I also said that once in a while I will publish posts about work. I am sure you all must have noticed the WORK tab. This is to showcase all the posts about my Advertising job and my office.

Being that the name of my office is Noah's Ark, we tend to name all our in-house activities Ark-something. We have Arknowledge, State of the Ark and Arkmusement.

- Arknowledge is our friday in-house seminars where everyone is given a marketing/branding/advertising topic to enlighten the rest of us on.

- State of the Ark monthly meetings where we just have fun or discuss important affairs.

- Arkmusement (lol) im sure the 'musement' part has given you an intro into what this is about. These are the days when we decide to step out of the Ark and go into the real world.

Well, the WORK tab will showcase all these and perhaps some of our Client's activities too.

Let us travel into the Ark and fraternize with some of the animals within.

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1923 Photoshoot: Tangerine Tango Calm & A Little Colour

I have very recently been a bit obsessed with the Pantone Colour of 2012 - Tangerine Tango. So even though I had done an earlier shoot titled Tangerine Tango Calm, i still had a Part 2 of it.

This time around I wanted to work on some of the challenges I experienced during the first shoot. Everyone learns everyday and i am not an exception to that rule. I will explain some of the challenges and also breakdown how I tackled them this time around.

- The first challenge: Tangerine e/s
I had used concealer as the base for the e/s and applied the Tangerine colour with a brush. I did not take into consideration the complexion of the model against the colour of the e/s. When I noticed this, I proceeded to blend a bit of l/g with the e/s and apply with my finger onto the eye lid.

For the second shoot, having considered all the factors, I applied a generous layer of NYX jumbo pencil in milk all over the eye area. Over this, i applied a rich Tangerine colour from the Sleek Sunset palette (same colour mixed with Fi.R Pumpkin was used for the first shoot) with my finger. This was the result
A strong pop on the lid 

1923 Face of the Day: Emerald mood

Hello everyone,

I have been so busy recently with portfolio shoots and the like that I have hardly had time for a FOTD or even a product review. I am so sorry about that.

Well, I haven't changed since the last time I uploaded a FOTD, instead my makeup habits have changed considerably. I am yet to decide whether it is good or bad. I rarely apply makeup and settle for just foundation and powder or a sweep of an emerald or amethyst e/s rimming my eyes with smoked out black e/l.

Below are a couple of recent pictures of me. The first was taken a couple of weeks back and the others are my yesterday look.

Jordana e/l pencil in emerald green
For the look below, I used the green BMPro e/s (check my BMPro haul) and the red e/s for my blush and I must say it comes out adorably well. The smoked e/l is the Orekelewa black twist-up pencil.

What do you all think?

(1923|Guest|Post) Top Ten Makeup Looks from Hollywood Classics

Hello everyone,

I am so glad to present you with another guest post. This one is from Edwin who regularly writes about celebrities, TV, movies, and fashion for the Celebutaunt blog on USDish ( be sure to check them out). It infuses the 2 main essences of the Barbara & 1923 blog - vintage style and makeup. Wanna see how he did that? Film lovers, i say stay tuned to see how he did it too. You won't be disappointed.


From “Cabaret” and “Casablanca” to “Funny Face” and the original “James Bond,” we’re taking a look at classic movie makeup on the faces of our favorite leading ladies. Sometimes, cosmetics are subtle on the silver screen and other times they’re over-the-top, creating high-power Hollywood glam.

1. Cabaret

Liza Minnelli plays a flamboyant flapper in “Cabaret,” which is set in Berlin in 1931. Minnelli’s makeup is all camp and fun theatricality in this 1972 film, beginning with the pencil-thin brows that frame her larger-than-life eyes. Creamy white eye shadow is applied over the base of the lid with ice blue shadow at the crease, and both the upper and bottom lids feature liquid black eyeliner and she sports false eyelashes. A single sequin is also added as a cheeky signature beauty mark.

2. Casablanca

As the leading lady in “Casablanca,” Swedish-born actress, Ingrid Bergman, was known for her minimalistic makeup, which was unusual in Hollywood at the time. In this 1942 film, Bergman’s face is framed by full, un-tweezed eyebrows. Her eyes feature very little makeup, with the exception of a natural taupe shade swept over the lid. A thin line of liquid liner is applied to the top lid and her lashes are topped off with a hint of mascara, while Berman’s lips are fully lined with red matte lipstick, creating a perfect pout.

3. Gone With the Wind

Set in the Deep South during the Civil War, this 1939 film features Vivien Leigh as breathless Southern belle, Scarlett O'Hara. Leigh’s highly-arched eyebrows have been plucked and painted to perfection, while a dark shade of eye shadow is swept over the upper lids and extends upward at the outer edges of her eyes. Leigh’s lashes are curled at the outer corner only to showcase her almond-shaped peepers, and an appropriately peach-toned shade of blush adorns her cheeks.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In her iconic role as Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn’s face is polished to Hollywood perfection, beginning with a strong, filled-in eyebrow which is brushed up to attain maximum fullness and creates a strong frame for the actress’ alluring eyes. In addition to a light brown shadow at the outer crease of the eyelid, a dab of white shimmery eye shadow is added to the inner creases of the eye to make them pop. Black eyeliner is applied on the upper lid, gradually getting thicker as it extends toward the outer crease. Lipstick is kept minimal – a pink stain with a dab of gloss, as not to distract from Golightly’s eyes.

5. Driving Miss Daisy

Set in 1948, this 1989 film features Jessica Tandy as cantankerous back seat driver, Miss Daisy. Tandy’s eyes feature heavy brown pencil liner on the upper lid, while blush is applied liberally to her cheeks. Never without her lipstick, Miss Daisy wears a matte reddish-orange shade.

6. Amadeus

In her role as Mozart’s wife, Elizabeth Berridge was all primp and pin curls in the 1984 film, “Amadeus.” Berridge’s face is covered with a white powder base and features circular dabs of blush on the apple of each cheek. In keeping with the style of eighteenth century Europe, her pout is lined like a bow and filled in with a rich shade of red.

7. Some Like it Hot

In this 1959 rom-com, Marilyn Monroe looks every bit the silver screen sex kitten image for which she’s best-known. Monroe’s doe-eyed expression is emphasized with dark grey shadow applied at the outer crease and false eyelashes lining the upper lid. A slightly smudged black liner is applied to the outer corner of her upper lid for a classic glam look, and cool-toned red lipstick is topped off with a dab of gloss.

8. Singin’ in the Rain

Debbie Reynolds is fresh-faced and sophisticated in the 1952 musical comedy, “Singin’ in the Rain.” To achieve a wide-eyed, innocent look, white frosted shadow is applied to the inner creases of her lids. A light grey shadow is then added to the outer creases and the lashes are topped off with just a dab of mascara to keep the look natural.

9. Funny Face

Audrey Hepburn plays an intellectual librarian-turned-high fashion model in this
1957 film. Thick liquid liner and false eyelashes are key to emphasizing Hepburn’s eyes in “Funny Face,” and her bottom lids are kept completely bare to make her eyes appear even larger. A perfectly-lined pout in shades of pink and peach is emphasized with a dab of frosted gloss at the center of the bottom lip.

10. James Bond: Dr. No

Original Bond-shell, Ursula Andress sizzled on-screen in this 1962 movie, which kicked off the James Bond film franchise. Grey eye shadow is applied to Andress’s lids and also used to line her bottom eyelid to create a smoldering, smoky eye. The lips are left nude and slicked with clear gloss for a hip 1960s mod look.  A dab of gloss is also added to the cheekbones to highlight her striking bone structure.

What’s your favorite Hollywood classic makeup look?
And the best part, from your comments you get to decide which Hollywood classic diva's look get's to be replicated by me.

1923 Photoshoot: Changeling & Tangerine Tango Calm

Hello everyone,

I have another photo shoot post for you.

In the last week of April, i had another portfolio photo shoot. Call me ambitious but  I wanted to play around with the colour of the year - Tangerine Tango and also visualise another idea I had been playing around with ever since I knew about the shoot.

In this post are some behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot and a sneak peek into what can be expected from the final pictures

my work table for the shoot. Believe me when I say I impressed myself by having it look this way for the duration of the shoot (if you follow me on twitter you would have seen a picture of the table halfway through the shoot)
ah, setting up and prepping the model. Sarah was showing her (Chichi) reference pictures of the kind of poses we wanted to achieve.
lights, camera, action!
lights, camera, action!
whoever said models had it easy has obviously never been close-by when they are at work.
playing around with pigments. Didn't quite achieve the look we wanted though, looked more like a mess than anything else. Will be re-doing it later.
 Here is a sneak peek into the different looks from the shoot. Some came out perfectly and some didn't. There is nothing that says it has to come out perfect all the time is there? That's why the saying goes 'try, try and try again'. We are already working on another shoot. Enjoy this sneak peek though.

Makeup - Barbara
Photography - Sarah
Check out my FB fan page Barbara & 1923
and my online portfolio on Flickr

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1923 Asks: Stephanie Fifi Rodriguez of Fi.R Cosmetics

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a very resourceful young lady who even though we are thousands of miles apart has inspired me a lot. Her name is 'Fifi', well that's what we her friends call her but her full name is Stephanie Rodriguez. She is the owner of Fi.R Cosmetics ( i told you all about the samples she sent me in my post titled Fi.R Cosmetics

Please read my blog interview with this lovely young woman below:

1923 Blog: Who is Fifi? Tell us a little about Yourself.

Stephanie Rodriguez is my name and I'm a makeup artist based out of Tampa, Florida. Known to my Clients as "Fifi", my passion for makeup has allowed me to work with some of the best fashion designers, models, photographers and stylists in the Tampa Bay Area. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in new York. Growing up in New York, I was very inspired by my surroundings and from a very young age I had the eye for fashion.

Product Review: Khuraira Face Powders and Dual Camouflage Concealer

I received the Khuraira Wed Expo were 2 Khuraira face powders and the Khuraira Dual Camouflage concealer.

without flash (this was taken at night)
with flash (also taken at night)

- The powders are beautiful to use. I used them for Clients and models at the Wed Expo and I really loved the final look they created. They have a really nice mattifying look after use. I would recommend for someone with really nice skin who just desires to have pretty, smooth skin to look at and they don't have a cakey effect either. I have definitely incorporated it into my kit.
- I love the fact that the camouflage concealer offers 2 shades in one. It is creamy enough to be used as an eyebrow definer, spot coverage and under-eye thus making it a very versatile product. it tends to be cakey at first use but this problem is solved by proper blending and setting.

I definitely recommend.

I have been suitably impressed by the Khuraira range of face products. I am however not a fan of the e/s (based solely on the 2 days I used them at the Wed Expo) bu ti ma open to any correction in my opinion.

What are your opinions of the Khuraira range of makeup products?

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Product Review: Khuraira Balance Control Lotion

The second Khuraira skin-care product I got was the Balance Control Lotion. Check out my review of the Face Primer

I didn't say this in the first post but I tried both products on the very face day. That was a very bad idea I must confess, my skin felt so dry and cakey and whitish so I decided to use the products one at a time.

this product is indeed a mattifying lotion as it instantly mattifies the skin upon application
This product replaced my MaryKay velocity moisturiser for a period of time and I loved it. The effects were the same as when I used the Face primer and I was once impressed by the product.

As with the primer, I am looking forward to get the opinion of others on this (especially in consideration of the fact that this product was not used during the Expo and so I didn't have a chance to see it work on other skin types).

I humbly hold back my recommendations on this product as I am yet to use it on other skin types, personally however, I loved it and would recommend it for people with my similar skin type and peculiarity.

Have you or do you know someone who has used this product? I would love to read your verdict on it.