Arknowledge: The Big Idea (Gabriel Olonisakin)

31 May 2012

The first post on the WORK tab will be an Arknowledge presentation.  Please note that all the posts under Arknowledge are my synopsis of the various presentations. I wish I could share all the presentations with you (but then my blog won't be a makeup/beauty blog anymore but an advertising blog *sulk*. So i won't). I will only share some, which i feel will resonate with the branding aspect of the beauty industry (FYI: branding and beauty are more related than you think)
Please feel free to express yourself in the comments and by all means your contributions will be very welcome.

All forms of communication begin with The Big Idea, so that is where we will start.
My favourite slide in the entire presentation was the first slide and it read:

What we know is that ideas are precious. They are hard to come by, fragile when young, powerful when established. They change perceptions, command loyalty (and attract imitators), and build brands.

Essentially, a big idea is made up of the new and knew. New being something unknown; and Knew being something already in existence and related to the industry. Bringing these 2 together brings about an explosive idea. Commonly known as the ‘big idea’.

This really awesome video describes where big ideas come from.

One truth about big ideas is that they are true enough for people to believe in eg. Tesco
Big Idea - Making Shopping easier

The big idea generation is in different stages:
-          Conception: Problem Exploration (this is where you identify the problem, fact finding) & Brainstorming (a lot of ideas are generated, imagination is key, Combine and build ideas, seek wild ideas, Go for quantity)

-          Distillation:  Here you employ logic, explore qualitative ideas and judge them, decide which ones to go with and refine them. Be affirmative.

-          Execution:  the execution of the idea is very key and thus has to be handled creatively. The execution involves message design: how the idea is spun out into specific promotional materials such as press releases, brochures, posters, and special events.

You may or may not have heard of Star Beer,  but this was used as a case study.

The Big Idea was Reinforce bonding with various grass root communities in Nigeria.

From the very first campaign slogan of  “Ah! Star – Beer at its best” introduced in 1949 to the “Brightness” campaign in the 1970s and 80s, the “Turn to Star – the ideal Brew” campaign launched in 1989 to the “Live the Brighter Life In Style – Star Ahead on Taste” campaign in the 1990s. To the recent campaigns of “Never a Dull Moment with Star” to “Share the Brighter Life” and currently “Star Connects” – It is clear that the advertising history of STAR has been consistent in creating the image of BRIGHTNESS, FUN, SOCIABILITY, and BEST for the brand.

In conclusion, What makes an idea big?
-          Deep  insight
-          It has to be relevant and memorable
-          Impactful
-          Original

What is your definition of  a Big Idea?

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