Arknowledge: Copywriting - The Unending Myths, the Unwritten Laws (Seyi Owolawi)

2 Jun 2012

I was going to give you Wiki’s definition of copywriting but I changed my mind and decided to give you Seyi’s own. He says that
Copywriting is the act of selling words.
The taking of commercial base desires of Clients and fashioning them into ideas that resonate with consumers ie. Transforming what the Client wants into what the consumers want (I hope I am correct there but that is how I see it)

 -    Copywriting helps create differences that make brands worth something.

Certain myths guard this profession and these are some of them:
1.       You need to be a literary genius
2.       The longer the copy, the better
3.       Copywriters can just copy
4.       Only drunk, tortured and high people are capable of copywriting
5.       Grammar is everything:  Here I pause and add another sentence ‘Learn the rules enough to know when to  break them’

A homeless ad for Vitae
And copywriting also has some unwritten laws. Seyi shared some of them with us.

1. Say one thing and one thing only (beware of Clients who want you to incorporate a USP, a feature and a call to action in one material, lol). Please watch this absolutely beautiful bic razor ad as an example of one message beautifully communicated.

2. Use six words or less (I must say though that this doesn’t always work out right so beware)

3. Show empathy.
4. Don’t imply, say it (this brings to mind the fact that guys don’t take hints – whether subtle or obvious. I’d love to know if you all agree with me but I am speaking from experience here). DO NOT HINT! SAY IT!
      What better example than the Guinness Power of Naija campaign
5. Tell a story
Final words, Copywriting is more than writing, it is the act of thinking.
And just for fun, here is a last TVC.

What is copywriting to you?

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