1923 Asks: Stephanie Fifi Rodriguez of Fi.R Cosmetics

11 May 2012

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a very resourceful young lady who even though we are thousands of miles apart has inspired me a lot. Her name is 'Fifi', well that's what we her friends call her but her full name is Stephanie Rodriguez. She is the owner of Fi.R Cosmetics ( i told you all about the samples she sent me in my post titled Fi.R Cosmetics

Please read my blog interview with this lovely young woman below:

1923 Blog: Who is Fifi? Tell us a little about Yourself.

Stephanie Rodriguez is my name and I'm a makeup artist based out of Tampa, Florida. Known to my Clients as "Fifi", my passion for makeup has allowed me to work with some of the best fashion designers, models, photographers and stylists in the Tampa Bay Area. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in new York. Growing up in New York, I was very inspired by my surroundings and from a very young age I had the eye for fashion.

1923 Blog: How did you become a makeup artist and for how long have you been one?

When I moved to Florida, I decided I wanted to go to beauty school and follow a dream I had always wanted. I had been doing makeup for about a year and half but I must say that this has been my calling and I have conquered it, like everything else in my life. Someone gave me a shot to a photo-shoot and doors opened from there.

1923 Blog: You are a mom, a wife, a businesswoman, a makeup artist, an aesthetician and a nail specialist (I must say I am very envious, lol) How do you balance them all successfully?

I'm everything you mentioned. it is very hard to juggle my business with my personal life. I try to keep myself balanced and I have to wear different hats at all times. I however love what I do and also love being a mom and wife.

1923 Blog: When did you decide you wanted your own makeup line and why just pigments?

I decided to start my own makeup line in 2011 because I wanted to do something for the everyday woman. Something they could have in their purse. Also, as a makeup artist I wanted other fellow makeup artist to have something in their kits that scream bold colors as well. Everyday women want something quick and fast. They are pigments right now because I wanted to create something versatile for your everyday women that they could use wet, dry, cheeks, lips, nails. 

1923 Blog: What do you want your pigments to be in the minds of people i.e. when they think Fi.R pigments what imagery would you like them to see in their minds' eye?
Something that could be used anyway you like and still make you feel fierce and fear-less whenever you use it.

1923 Blog: Why Fi.R? What does it mean?

“FiR” Is short for “FIERCE” but also are the initials in my name: FiFi Rodriguez

1923 Blog: A personal message to all Nigerian makeup artists (including me, lol)

The message I could give to all the Nigerian MUA is to always remember to stay true to your dreams and remember this phrase “When you look Fierce you are Fear-less” 

1923 Blog: Have you heard about any established Nigerian makeup artist? If yes, who?

No I haven’t, but I have heard about you and seen what you doing over there.

1923 Blog: From what you have garnered on FB, What do you think about the industry here?

The industry is very competitive but you have to remember to always be true to who you are and find your niche. Follow your dreams and never stop believing in yourself

1923 Blog: If you were to have lived in the vintage era, who would you have loved to meet? I.e. Your favorite vintage diva
The vintage diva I would’ve love to meet would have been Marilyn Monroe because she was so beautiful and a strong women. Love one of her many quotes “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”  


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