Product Review: Khuraira Balance Control Lotion

1 May 2012

The second Khuraira skin-care product I got was the Balance Control Lotion. Check out my review of the Face Primer

I didn't say this in the first post but I tried both products on the very face day. That was a very bad idea I must confess, my skin felt so dry and cakey and whitish so I decided to use the products one at a time.

this product is indeed a mattifying lotion as it instantly mattifies the skin upon application
This product replaced my MaryKay velocity moisturiser for a period of time and I loved it. The effects were the same as when I used the Face primer and I was once impressed by the product.

As with the primer, I am looking forward to get the opinion of others on this (especially in consideration of the fact that this product was not used during the Expo and so I didn't have a chance to see it work on other skin types).

I humbly hold back my recommendations on this product as I am yet to use it on other skin types, personally however, I loved it and would recommend it for people with my similar skin type and peculiarity.

Have you or do you know someone who has used this product? I would love to read your verdict on it.


  1. I think this would be good for me..Where can i get it...i avoid face moisturizers during the day cos of the excess oil my face would have..matte spf or this would be great..expecting your reply please..cheers.

    1. Hi Olivia, this product along with other Khuraira products can be found on Cheers


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