1923 Face of the Day: Emerald mood

24 May 2012

Hello everyone,

I have been so busy recently with portfolio shoots and the like that I have hardly had time for a FOTD or even a product review. I am so sorry about that.

Well, I haven't changed since the last time I uploaded a FOTD, instead my makeup habits have changed considerably. I am yet to decide whether it is good or bad. I rarely apply makeup and settle for just foundation and powder or a sweep of an emerald or amethyst e/s rimming my eyes with smoked out black e/l.

Below are a couple of recent pictures of me. The first was taken a couple of weeks back and the others are my yesterday look.

Jordana e/l pencil in emerald green
For the look below, I used the green BMPro e/s (check my BMPro haul) and the red e/s for my blush and I must say it comes out adorably well. The smoked e/l is the Orekelewa black twist-up pencil.

What do you all think?


  1. I love the smokey eyes, wish I could do it on my own (I'm still learning).

    Fashion Rehab

    1. Hello @Fashion Rehab, it would be my pleasure to show you how. This is a super easy coloured smokey eye trick that I have perfected. I am so sorry I am warped at doing tutorials of eny sort. I really have to get the hang of it soon, lol.

  2. i like the chubby cheeks of the 1st pik


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