Product Review: Zaron Mineralised Eyeshadow Trio

I have been on a Zaron spree recently, using mostly Zaron products at shoots and even for personal use.
Here is a Zaron eyeshadow trio i purchased recently. It is one of their baked eyeshadow trios.

swatches of the colours in the trio
I must say that the pigmentation of the colours did not disappoint me as i have come to associate Zaron products with very good pigmentation which is good for dark skin.

As you all know i am not a very bright e/s person and so whenever i want to use this product, i just sweep the desired colour along my lid with a crease or fluffy brush and into the crease. I then moke it out with either e/p, black or a dark e/s on my upper lashline area which i then smudge with a small brush. Sometimes i completely surround my eye with a wash of the preferred colour and smoke it out again. For this look i apply tons of mascara on my upper and lower lashes. I really love the look.

So i would definitely recommend this product and remember - a little goes a long way.

*this product was purchased by me and I have not been paid to write this review. It is my honest and sincere opinion.

(1923|Guest|Post) Arise Magazine Fashion Week: Backstage

Hello everyone,

I am sure you have all been wondering where my Arise Magazine Fashion Week posts are and I must explain.
I went to AMFW 2012 as a beauty contributor to (check the Articles Page to see my contributions to the site and you can read my AMFW article vis this link). I however went for the show with a dear friend of mine who is an upcoming fashion designer and makes wonderful beaded clothing (you will see me spotting some of her designs very soon) and she agreed to do AMFW guest posts here.

Her name is Chichi George and here is the first of her AMFW posts on Barbara & 1923.

So the AMFW 2012 Lagos has come and gone in all its glory, held at the ARISE tents: Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, with the plenty hitches, cancellations and drama. I must say though, that at the end of the day the team in charge of putting up the show managed it pretty well, what with all the changes being brought into project midway *smh*. All the same, it WAS a success for Nigeria and we’re proud.
The backstage hair and make-up tent was pretty slow the first couple of hours in the first two days or so I thought, but then I think it’s simply because the make-up was kept really fresh and nude for the first couple of shows and then progressively touched up to incorporate other looks. The drama started in between shows over the weekend.
The crew in no particular order: Lola Maja, Bolanle, Janni, Phillipe and House of Tara MUAs

Then getting the fittings for the models wearing the collections done, drama! Some of the designers were at the tents until the wee hours of the morning (the day before) waiting to get their collections sorted out. Others like Mai Atafo and Loza (Arise female innovative designer of the year) were lucky to get it done during the day. You should have seen Arieta (International stylist) in action, powerful and full of energy!
Fittings for Loza Maléombho, LaQuan Smith, Paul Hervé Elisabeth and Mai Atafo

Were you in the backstage tent too? Please share your experience there with us too.

Tool Review: Lash Curler

A couple of weeks back my sister went on holiday and got me this really cute pair of eyelash curlers. Now, I am an eyelash person and i totally agree that a good mascara can make a whole lot of difference in your makeup - whether applied on just the upper lashes or on both (both gives a hugely dramatic effect which i absolutely love)

I rarely use lash curlers on my lashes and so it was cool to have these and incorporate the pair into my personal makeup stash (I have Shu Uemura and Body Shop curlers in my kit).

I have used them a couple of times already and they work really well. They are however not as comfy as the Shu Uemura ones but they work just fine.

the one issue I have with them though is that they crimp my lashes real tight and i then have to use the mascara to loosen the lashes (not sure i really like that process so most times i just skip the curler part).

For those of you with really unruly lashes, i would say that curlers should be your best friend. This is just one of a couple of really affordable curlers out there.

So tell me, do you have a favourite lash curler brand?

Khuraira Cosmetics at the Wed Expo

Hello everyone,

Are you in Lagos on the 24th and 25th of March? Are you a bride getting married soon?
Then the Wed Expo is for you.

The best part is that one of Nigeria's makeup brands that has won several awards and had 5 star product reviews will be there and that is Khuraira Cosmetics.

So be sure to come by the stand. I will be there too and will be looking forward to meeting all my blog readers and taking pictures with you all.

Brush Review: MaryKay Brush Set

Hello everyone,

It has been a while but I am back with another brush review. This is the MaryKay Brush set i received late last year. The package came with some other items - the latest MK catalogue, Mk Velocity lightweight moisturizer, a pair of fashion earrings and the brush set.

the package
flashy, rhinestoned fashion earrings.
Velocity moisturizer (review coming very soon)
the brush set
all wrapped up
opened. The pouch has a section for the brushes as well as everyday makeup for quite makeup fixes on the go. In my opinion though it is still too big (coming from someone whose handbag has lip balm as the only makeup product in it, you shouldnt take my word for it, lol)
the brushes exactly as they came
the angled cheek brush - this brush is perfect for contouring as well as applying blush.
Powder brush - like every other powder brush. Nothing fancy
Eye definer brush - (im sorry the brush is on its side in the picture. this is actually a flat e/s brush with a fluffy top) this is ok for applying shadow to the lids and the entire eye area. Though the size will require more than one application to cover the entire eye area.
Crease brush - this brush is just ok for the crease of the eye
e/l & eyebrow brush - the liner edge of this brush is perfect for the following purposes: eyebrow filling, highlighting concealer around the brows, lining the upper lashline , applying gel/cream liners to the waterline and applying or smudging e/s on the lower lashline area. I totally love this brush.

- I must say that the bristles of the brushes, though made from natural bristles need getting used to as they are very scratchy. Once you get used to them, they become very handy and versatile to use.
- As a "professional brush set" it is not complete i.e. there is no foundation and concealer brush. I included the dual-ended GD foundation brush into this set for the period of time i used as my go-to personal brush set.
- I refuse to once again mention the black handles of the brushes *covered face*. Also, the handles are made from an easy grip rubber like material which is easy to clean as well (be mindful that the MaryKay written on the handles isnt embossed and so goes off after a period of time)

Overall, it is an ok brush set. I would recommend it for ordinary makeup users as it will be very convenient for them to use. It will however not satisfy the needs of a makeup artist or a makeup junkie as it doesnt have a wide brush range. The pouch however is very useful even in a makeup artists' kit.

Have you used this brush set before? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

Makeover 1923: Florence

Another random makeover i did on Florence. I am so sorry but i cannot remember the products i used on her but i wanted to share the pictures with you all.

it was a smokey eye and hot pink lips. I contoured her nose and reshaped her lips for this makeover.

What do you think?

Zaron's First Online Competition

Zaron Cosmetics, a Hair and Makeup brand located in Ikoyi is having its first ever online competition called "The Zaron Campus Look Book" which is running from the 5th of March to the 30th of april 2012.

''The Clash of the Titans'' as the competition is tagged is between students from University of Lagos, Lagos State University, and Yaba College of Technology. The 10 girls with the highest votes get to be treated to glamorous make overs and a photo shoot courtesy Hakeem Salaam Photos (HSP) Images.

There are loads of fantastic prices to be won, including an ipad, a blackberry and juicy Zaron Goody bags.
For more information in the "Clash of the Titans" competition, check out the Zaron FB fan page via this link

Happy participating and may the strongest titan win.

1923 Face of the Day with Fusion of Color: Lippy Blush

Im not sure whether to say this post is a FOTD post but its a FOTD post for now, lol.
I have been playing around with my Fusion of Color samples and these are the results:

'Fusion of Color' Cosmetics

Last year i received a package from Kathy Hess Duncan of Fusion of Color cosmetics. Fusion of Color is a mineral cosmetics brand and like all mineral brands, all their products are in powder form.

Kathy sent me foundations, blushes, eye shadows (matte and shimmer) and some extras i.e. primer, finishing powder, diamond powder an our little secret awake.

Here are pictures of my samples (she sent me 30 samples in all and i must say that i was shocked because when she first sent me a message on FB she said i should select 10 products from the site). Im still wondering how 10 products became 30 but i am not complaining, lol.