Brush Review: MaryKay Brush Set

21 Mar 2012

Hello everyone,

It has been a while but I am back with another brush review. This is the MaryKay Brush set i received late last year. The package came with some other items - the latest MK catalogue, Mk Velocity lightweight moisturizer, a pair of fashion earrings and the brush set.

the package
flashy, rhinestoned fashion earrings.
Velocity moisturizer (review coming very soon)
the brush set
all wrapped up
opened. The pouch has a section for the brushes as well as everyday makeup for quite makeup fixes on the go. In my opinion though it is still too big (coming from someone whose handbag has lip balm as the only makeup product in it, you shouldnt take my word for it, lol)
the brushes exactly as they came
the angled cheek brush - this brush is perfect for contouring as well as applying blush.
Powder brush - like every other powder brush. Nothing fancy
Eye definer brush - (im sorry the brush is on its side in the picture. this is actually a flat e/s brush with a fluffy top) this is ok for applying shadow to the lids and the entire eye area. Though the size will require more than one application to cover the entire eye area.
Crease brush - this brush is just ok for the crease of the eye
e/l & eyebrow brush - the liner edge of this brush is perfect for the following purposes: eyebrow filling, highlighting concealer around the brows, lining the upper lashline , applying gel/cream liners to the waterline and applying or smudging e/s on the lower lashline area. I totally love this brush.

- I must say that the bristles of the brushes, though made from natural bristles need getting used to as they are very scratchy. Once you get used to them, they become very handy and versatile to use.
- As a "professional brush set" it is not complete i.e. there is no foundation and concealer brush. I included the dual-ended GD foundation brush into this set for the period of time i used as my go-to personal brush set.
- I refuse to once again mention the black handles of the brushes *covered face*. Also, the handles are made from an easy grip rubber like material which is easy to clean as well (be mindful that the MaryKay written on the handles isnt embossed and so goes off after a period of time)

Overall, it is an ok brush set. I would recommend it for ordinary makeup users as it will be very convenient for them to use. It will however not satisfy the needs of a makeup artist or a makeup junkie as it doesnt have a wide brush range. The pouch however is very useful even in a makeup artists' kit.

Have you used this brush set before? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

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