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27 Mar 2012

Hello everyone,

I am sure you have all been wondering where my Arise Magazine Fashion Week posts are and I must explain.
I went to AMFW 2012 as a beauty contributor to Mediafritiq.com (check the Articles Page to see my contributions to the site and you can read my AMFW article vis this link). I however went for the show with a dear friend of mine who is an upcoming fashion designer and makes wonderful beaded clothing (you will see me spotting some of her designs very soon) and she agreed to do AMFW guest posts here.

Her name is Chichi George and here is the first of her AMFW posts on Barbara & 1923.

So the AMFW 2012 Lagos has come and gone in all its glory, held at the ARISE tents: Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, with the plenty hitches, cancellations and drama. I must say though, that at the end of the day the team in charge of putting up the show managed it pretty well, what with all the changes being brought into project midway *smh*. All the same, it WAS a success for Nigeria and we’re proud.
The backstage hair and make-up tent was pretty slow the first couple of hours in the first two days or so I thought, but then I think it’s simply because the make-up was kept really fresh and nude for the first couple of shows and then progressively touched up to incorporate other looks. The drama started in between shows over the weekend.
The crew in no particular order: Lola Maja, Bolanle, Janni, Phillipe and House of Tara MUAs

Then getting the fittings for the models wearing the collections done, drama! Some of the designers were at the tents until the wee hours of the morning (the day before) waiting to get their collections sorted out. Others like Mai Atafo and Loza (Arise female innovative designer of the year) were lucky to get it done during the day. You should have seen Arieta (International stylist) in action, powerful and full of energy!
Fittings for Loza Maléombho, LaQuan Smith, Paul Hervé Elisabeth and Mai Atafo

Were you in the backstage tent too? Please share your experience there with us too.


  1. i was part of the makeup team(the fair girl wv the yellow scarf).....Lola maja is super cute....awesome memories

    1. Oh cool, I am sorry I didn't get to meet everyone one on one but it was fun seeing you all and watching your frenzied race to catch up to the time, lol.
      Thank you so much for visiting.

  2. such a great post! seems reaallyy fun :)


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