Tool Review: Lash Curler

23 Mar 2012

A couple of weeks back my sister went on holiday and got me this really cute pair of eyelash curlers. Now, I am an eyelash person and i totally agree that a good mascara can make a whole lot of difference in your makeup - whether applied on just the upper lashes or on both (both gives a hugely dramatic effect which i absolutely love)

I rarely use lash curlers on my lashes and so it was cool to have these and incorporate the pair into my personal makeup stash (I have Shu Uemura and Body Shop curlers in my kit).

I have used them a couple of times already and they work really well. They are however not as comfy as the Shu Uemura ones but they work just fine.

the one issue I have with them though is that they crimp my lashes real tight and i then have to use the mascara to loosen the lashes (not sure i really like that process so most times i just skip the curler part).

For those of you with really unruly lashes, i would say that curlers should be your best friend. This is just one of a couple of really affordable curlers out there.

So tell me, do you have a favourite lash curler brand?


  1. Hey B, you should curl your lashes first before applying mascara. Loving the new logo too *wink*

    1. @Nkechi, o yes definitely. Doing otherwise will be the shortcut to having no lashes at all and also cause you a world of hurt cos the curlers will drag the lashes.
      Thanks dear.


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