1923 Face of the Day with Fusion of Color: Lippy Blush

15 Mar 2012

Im not sure whether to say this post is a FOTD post but its a FOTD post for now, lol.
I have been playing around with my Fusion of Color samples and these are the results:
a dark eye & lip look
A coloured eye and soft coloured lip 
Trying out the powder foundations. 
I am also looking forward to trying them out with a creme base as shown by Sherry Blossom here
A mini - makeover with the e/s
I used:

Fusion of Colour e/s in Avalon, Popular, Evening Sky, Silk, Dark Green, Dark Blue & Berries Galore (for the FOTDs and mini-makeover)
For my lips in the second look, i mixed Pink Roses Dark and clear l/g
Pink Roses Dark was also used on the cheeks in the second look and mini - makeover
I am sorry to say that i cant remember the exact foundations used for the 4th pictures. There was however a mix of up to 4 of them to get the perfect shade.

- I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation of the colours. However, the dark e/s don't really go as dark as we sometimes like our dark colours to go.
- The blush colours are also pigmented but not enough. More colour needs to be added to actually make it show up on the cheeks without repeated application.
- The powder foundations have some success as can be seen from the pictures shown but a lot more work is needed to achieve full-coverage (I am however yet to use the product with a light mist of fix+ or water on the skin. Perhaps this could help achieve full coverage)

Overall, i am impressed with these products and would recommend the coloured products especially for bridal makeup as they are soft and pretty.

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  1. Love the makeup and earrings---cool that you have blue in the corners on some of the lipstick shades--I've never sent that before!


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