Makeup 101: Back To The Basics | Ep. 1 - Primer & Foundation

18.9.23 Lagos, Nigeria

I stumbled on makeup.


For a long time in my life, people close to me wondered if I really knew what I was doing when I ventured into the makeup arena. I was a tomboy for my entire young, teenage ages so it was no surprise to see them react that. 

But over the years, as I continued to grow and develop my skill and talent in the area of makeup, one thing I realised is that - while it was easy for me to make mistakes related to makeup and easily fix them, a lot of people thought it was something magical granted to only a few. They stumbled along when it came to makeup and really just wanted to be able to enhance their looks while being themselves. 

I always wanted to create a makeup series for people like this and I'm glad I've finally been able to do this. Let me introduce you to Makeup 101: Back To The Basics.

In this series, I breakdown basic makeup steps, tools, products, techniques and tips.

Episode 1 starts from the very beginning of the makeup application process i.e. Primer & Foundation

Products shown in the video:
  • Orekelewa Flat Foundation Brush
  • Foundation buff brushes from Zaron and Real Techniques
  • BM|Pro Beauty Blender Sponge
  • Alexia Horsfall Hydrating Primer
  • Zaron Mattifying Primer
  • BlackUp Matte Liquid Foundation

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