Self-Healing At It's Finest. Here is the 3-Step Cure For Heartbreak

21.9.23 Lagos, Nigeria

Remember when I first talked about having a heartbreak here? I learned a lot of valuable life lessons in that period of my life and although I'm generally a private person, I shared them in the first season of my podcast. You really should listen to my podcast if you haven't.

I've read a couple of books on self-worth and relationships after then and it is baffling how naive and unknowledgeable I was about the whole concept of relationships. Alas, that is the essence of experience right?

What life looks like on the healing journey ..... blurred, blurry, unclear, uncertain

  1. Acceptance: accept that it has happened, it is out of your hands and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It isn't your fault, there is nothing wrong with you, you are perfect.
  2. Importance: did you know that dwelling on the other person and what they have done - either ghosting you or outright breaking up with you, gives them the upper hand and makes them more important that you are? Shift the spotlight back to yourself. YOU are what is important. Your happiness, your coping mechanism and if it is working, your future and your next steps are all the most important thing at that moment. Focus on those who love you, look out for you, your family, friends and above all GOD. Trust me when I say the Word of GOD is very reassuring. 
  3. Letting Go: easier said than done. Letting go simply means you have gone through the sadness, grief, loss, self-pity and are ready for the next thing life has in store. You are ready to let go and let GOD. 

It took way longer than I thought for me to go through these 3 phases, but I finally did and it is a beautiful knowing and feeling. 
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