Steps To Self-Healing & Starting A Podcast

22.1.22 102273, Lagos, Nigeria

I didn't understand how important mental health and being able to self-heal was until my heart was broken in 2021. Fortunately for me, it coincided with a 3-month hiatus from social media so I was able to figure out things that I'd otherwise not have been able to if I hadn't taken the break. 

Don't even ask 'Is this the first time Barbara is getting her heart broken?' cos I won't respond but instead, let's focus on how I managed to recover from it. 

First, I had my family. They rallied around me like never before and even though I tried not to let the hurt and sadness show, they empathised enough to sufficiently be there emotionally. 

Second, I had my job. I dove right into it without thinking too much about any other thing (thankfully, social media was on a break so I didn't have to focus on too many things). 

Third, I talked about it to friends. If you are like me, you definitely have a lot of people around you who are more interested in your love life than you yourself are. They saw the glow and understood why I spoke about him. It was reflex telling them when it all came crashing down. 

Fourth, I started a podcast. Seems counterintuitive especially when at that time, I preferred to just be by myself and stay by myself but it helped...A LOT. During a conversation with a friend, he told me how going to therapy had helped him balance life and work and all the stress that came with it. I didn't want to go speak to a stranger but I knew I had to let it out. That's how The Speaking About Podcast was born.

Here is the trailer 

Still in its first season which I titled The Self Season, the podcast has helped me talk (which is what I'd do with a therapist anyways) - about myself, about my hurt, my learnings and share more about myself than I ever have. I have even learnt more about myself while working on the season too. 

Please listen to the podcast episodes, follow and share your feedback on Instagram @thespeakingabout_podcast. Below is an excerpt from one of my favourite episodes titled Failing

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