4 Big Problems Women Who Wear Makeup Face

18.5.22 Lagos, Nigeria

We love makeup, we hate makeup, it will always be a constant back and forth argument. It is great for looks and helps with confidence-boosting and courage and all but there are those times we all wish we could totally live without it…..forever.

That sure ain’t happening any time soon. However, they say a problem shared is a problem half solved right? I'm sharing my problems with makeup right here and maybe I’ll feel better about it afterwards:

You stain everything. 
Don’t believe any of all that smudge-proof crap that some brands say on their products. It’s not your skin, it will move and it’ll stain the shoulder of your boyfriend, Dad or husband when you hug them; it will stain the collars of your shirt when you look down at something or nothing in particular, it will stain the body of your clothes if you randomly scratch your face or rest on it and tuck your tee in; it’ll stain everything.

You are a mess away.
Everything that is essential for life causes a mess on your face – a sneeze, a blowing of the nose, sweat, eating, tears, that eye itch that just isn’t going anywhere oh, lest we forget, your phone screen and the intercom too.

You need hands of Steel.
Well, hands of still cos they won’t shake anyhow. But you literally need to have hands that can stay as still as possible as you’ll be doing a lot of eye lining and with liquid liner too. So help you God there's a crooked line somewhere *sigh*

You always need to have a mirror.
To check if everything is still in place of course. You’ll feel really sorry for yourself if a stranger has to tell you about that smile crack, or teeth stain or disappearing lipstick.

Not forgetting the awful discomfort of falling asleep with your makeup on of course and not being able to scratch my eyes *sigh*, I love to scratch my eyes when they itch, *grin*. 

Wouldn’t it just be better to live without makeup?
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