The All-In-One Palette! Zaron Chisel'd.

6.9.23 Lagos, Nigeria

I know that there are several times when I have wished for one product that could do everything that I needed to do in regards to doing my makeup to work every day. Thankfully, I don't think I have to look any further because Zaron Cosmetics just released Chisel'd. It is a 6-in-one palette that has concealer, contouring cream, and powders to set the concealer and contour, blush and highlighter. 

A literal dream come true if you ask me. 

Everyone knows I'm all for products that have multiple uses but usually, I have to find other ways to use a product or tool. This time around, the product was made for multiple uses and I'm absolutely loving it. I can totally see myself using the blush as eyeshadow and lip colour or using the contouring powder for a smokey eye or better still, a crease colour on my eyes.

Anyway, I got to try out the product for the first time. I wanted to use it in real-time so I did a GRWM video one morning while I was getting ready for work. Basically to test out if it really does shorten my makeup application timing and if yes, by how much. Also, the practicality of it with having to use different brushes and other supporting products. 

This is my verdict, (like I'm a judge, lol). Starting with the first product in order of application:

  1. Concealer: I loooove that it is thick and full coverage. I only need one layer to cover my under-eye circles. Add to that - it doesn't move and isn't overtly creamy so oily-skinned girlies will love it. 
  2. Contouring cream: my first time doing a cream contour but it was just so easy to do and the subtle shadow it gives is quite flattering (I mentioned that in the GRWM video). It blends easily too and is soooo pigmented I was afraid I would use too much but it was easily diffused.
  3. Powder: I like that the shade was complementary to the concealer as I believe this was specifically to set the concealer in the palette. It was easy to apply and blended well. Although, I must admit that it does have a heaviness to it but that in no way hampers the application as it's just a matter of preference. 
  4. Contour Powder: this is really pigmented and one has to be careful when applying it as it can easily become muddy. I like that it has a bit of red in it but not by any means overpowering. It makes it a cross between bronzer and contour which is flattering in my opinion.
  5. Highlighter: also very pigmented. a light dab on the product with a brush delivers a beautiful, natural light on the cheeks and other high points of the face. Want something more blinding? Then a little more dabs of the brush into the product is what you'll need.
  6. Blush: to be applied with a light hand if you don't want to look like colour was slapped onto your cheeks.

I really like the versatility of the products in the palette, especially the powder products. They can double as eyeshadow, eyeliner and even lip colour which further increases the versatility of this palette, especially for makeup newbies or those who just don't like spending too much time on their makeup, they just want to up and go. 

I wore this all day, without a primer, and it didn't move at all. Know what this means? All skin types can use these products with no fear of product movement or creasing unnecessarily.

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