I Applied to become a BlackUp Makeup Artist + Review of BlackUp Mini-Haul


In my second year of working in a corporate job, I applied to Montaigne Place to become a BlackUp makeup artist. I didn't get the job.

I was new to makeup then. I didn't even know anything about highlighting and contouring then. All I knew was that - I was bored at my job, I had watched tons of Xteener & Fafinettex3 videos, I was ready to take on the world and eyeshadow was my weapon of choice. Looking back, it's so funny. 

I went for the interview and did the test - which was applying makeup on someone; the owner wasn't too impressed and told me straight up that I wasn't going to get the job. Off I went back to face my advertising job in sadness and despair. But I obviously didn't quit or you wouldn't be reading this post right now.

Fast forward 13 years later and I get a PR package from BlackUp for my review and opinion. This life eh!

In reviewing the products, I did a talk-through video on my YouTube channel (Please subscribe) with them which you can watch here. BUT FIRST, scroll past the video to read an indepth review of each of the 6 products I received.

Here is the entire haul I received: 

Sharing my opinion one after the other, let's start with the first product I usually apply when doing my makeup, and go from there to the last

BlackUp Mattifying Fluid Foundation

The closest to an actual liquid foundation I've seen in a long time. Strange, but I love it when liquid foundations are actually runny. 

I applied the foundation with my adesign round top foundation stippling brush (which is now out of stock forever. I like using this brush for foundation because it is stiff enough for stippling but can also be used to spread the product in a rubbing motion. Also, it works for any kind of foundation.)

The BlackUp foundation has a nice, glowy, natural finish. I like the illusion of super smooth skin it gives off. Plus, it actually dries matte which means you have to work fast with it. It provides full coverage with one pump and as you can see, I do have quite a number of spots and acne in the video which it covered up once I was done blending the foundation. 

Considering the texture of the foundation, any foundation tool can be used for application as it is easy to work with.

BlackUp High Coverage Concealer 

I love the thick texture of this concealer. Don't be deceived though, it can be 'over blended' if care isn't taken. If you need fuller under-eye coverage, you might need to apply a second coat after the first one but that's only if you are the 'every day is a red carpet day' kinda gal. 

The best part of this concealer for me is the fact that I don't have to do too much to have it last all day and not crease wherever I've placed it. 

It is matte without being dry and causing the skin to flake. 
It is easy to blend out with either a brush or a beauty blender. The choice is pretty much yours. 
It is very, very low fuss, which most concealers aren't.

BlackUp Matte Eyebrow Pencil

Not many brands send their eyebrow products to me because they know I don't fill or tame my brows. What they don't realise is that when they do send me eyebrow products, I always find a way to make that product become indispensable by giving it multiple functions. 

That's pretty much what I've done with the BlackUp Matte eyebrow pencil.

First of all, I DID try it on my brows. It is softer than the average eyebrow pencil. Most eyebrow pencils are stiff and one needs to apply pressure to get the product to show up on the skin of the eyebrows. The BlackUp eyebrow pencil is not like that at all. In fact, it applies like a regular pencil, but you and I know it is so much more than that. 

I always like eyebrow pencils that come with a spoolie because while I don't fill my brows, I usually brush through them and that's what the spoolie is for.

At the moment, this pencil is doubling as a lip pencil and a pretty long-lasting lip pencil it is turning out to be too. 

BlackUp Blush and Highlighter Duo

If I was to choose the most disappointing product of the lot, it would be this duo. First of all, I'm still trying to understand why it is in a different package. Me thinks it is a collection or series of some sort. I've tried to find out on the internet to no avail so I'll just leave it at that.

I love me a good blush and highlighter and because of this, I'm pretty partial to them. I will say however that this particular blush doesn't pack a punch upon application. One needs to either pick a lot up with the brush at once or patiently build it up for it to show (I'll recommend applying repeatedly though so you don't go overboard).

The highlighter, on the other hand, is lovely. The texture is soft, and I would rather pick up a little and blend it out - which it does beautifully. 

I got a red blush and a pink highlighter. The combo is quite pretty and pairs really well.

BlackUp Ombre Lips Duo

I've done a dark and bright red pairing before but for some reason, I really loved using this product and it felt like the first time I had done this kind of pairing.

Without paying any attention to the instructions on the pencil to use the dark shade to contour the lips with an outline and the lighter shade for highlighting the lips in the center for prominence, I went ahead to do just that. That speaks to the fact that the product is literally foolproof. You don't need to be a professional makeup artist to use it. 

Like the other products, the pigmentation of this product is out of this world. It is creamy and considering I've grown to love pencil lipsticks, they got me with this product as it is now a staple favourite of mine.

BlackUp No Transfer Kolh Waterproof Pencil

I forgot to take the picture of this product. 
It is my absolute favourite of the bunch and I forgot to take a picture of it! *le sigh*
I think it rolled away somewhere when I was taking the pictures and I didn't realise until I was writing out this post more than a week later (but it is featured in the video above and the mini-review video below)

The shade I got is NTK 03M, in layman's terms, it is a bright cobalt blue shade. 

It's been a while since I got to use a kohl pencil that is as creamy as this, as pigmented as this, in the midst of the creamy and the pigment, it is still very, very waterproof. This just means it ain't moving to anywhere once you apply it. 

It is blendable too. One just has to work quickly with it if the intention is to blend. When taking it off, be sure to use a waterproof eye makeup remover so you don't tear the skin under your eyes while rubbing it off. YES, it can be that tough to take off.

In case, I forgot to include something in this review, you can check out the Instagram video review I did below. I swatched all the products there so do check it out and follow me on Instagram.

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