Body Scrubs. Are They the Real Deal or Nah? A Review of 7 Scrubs

9.5.23 Lagos, Nigeria

Before COVID I was a body scrub hoarder. I didn't know exactly what to do with them when I got them and tried them once or twice for a review. The good thing about scrubs is that they give an instant effect so it is possible to review them after a single or double use. 

Come 2020, we were all indoors for a really long time and I got a chance to explore my skincare stash a lot more. I dug into my body scrub reservoir and tried out salt scrubs, sugar scrubs and the single coffee scrub I own. 

Before I share my thoughts on each one of them, here is a universal truth I discovered, Body Scrubs make your skin feel as smooth as silk, as soft as butter and glowing like the sun (that last one might be an exaggeration but your skin really glows with consistent body scrub usage)

I had quite a stash and with at least 2 - 3 times a month application, supported by daily exfoliating gloves use, here are my thoughts on the 7 Body Scrub brands I've tried in the past 3 years

How I apply Body Scrubs

It is important to know how I apply my body scrubs before reading my review of all the 7 body scrub products I've ever used, as the mode of application does affect outcomes in a lot of instances. 

I always have my bath first and then dab my entire body dry, before using any body scrub at all. I am of the personal opinion that there is something about using a scrub on dry, clean skin. It feels more effective and exfoliating than using it on wet skin. 

I have tried a variety of body scrub applications before settling on this. However, if you have sensitive skin, I do not advise you to use this method as you may cause scratches to your skin with such direct contact.

1. Ajali Pure Sea Salt Body Scrub

First, I would like to let you know that prior to the final close of the Ajali store, this product was already out of production. I'm proud to say I bought the very last one ever and I didn't regret it at all. Fortunately for me, it was almost right at the start of my body scrub phase so it didn't sit in the dark for too long. 

This scrub brought to life my preference for salt body scrubs. I like that the body scrub has texture. The granules are fine but there is a texture to them that makes it feel like you are actually scrubbing your skin when using this. In this instance, I like the oily moisture left on my skin after use. 

I would not advise using a scrub like this in the daytime. Use it at night, right before you go to bed and wake up with skin that is beautiful to touch. 

2. Makariah Scrubs Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrub is not for everyone, just like Olives. It really is an acquired taste. I tried coffee scrubs way before I got into salt and sugar scrubs and as a beginner to the experience then, it spoiled it for me.

However, with the experience of salt and sugar body scrubs, I grew to appreciate a relaxing, indulgent, aromatic coffee body scrub session. 

The only downside is it stains. What I have learnt to do is, use a soft, gentle soap to go over my skin again after using a coffee scrub to get rid of the stain but leave the nutrients on my skin especially when it is rich in oils like this one. 

3. Ewami Satin Micro Polish

At first, I wondered why polish, but then I used it and understand why. It comes under this post because it also exfoliates the skin.

I was confused when I saw the micro-polish. The thought that flashed through my mind was it needed to be mixed with something and because it was the mini-size, I couldn't read the instruction properly so I went online. Voila, there were no particular how-to-use instructions so I needed to improvise. 

After being used to scrubs with oils in them, this was an entirely new experience to me. I found myself describing it as microdermabrasion product because of how fine the product granules are. They are powdery in my experience. 

I tried using this on dry skin but it felt really harsh so I tried it on slightly damp skin and it felt much better. The final result is not as obviously significant as when one uses a scrub with slightly bigger granules so my conclusion is that this is perfect for sensitive skin (used on damp skin) and for maintaining the skin after a vigorous body scrub moment a couple of days prior. 

4. Seacret Milk & Honey Salt and Oil Scrub

My current favourite. 

I have other scrubs I prefer to this one, but for some reason, I really, really like this scrub. My skin literally feels like glass after using this scrub. 

This is the one body scrub that makes me want to apply some cream right after just to feel how soft and smooth my skin is after application. 

I've actually being miserly with this as it is quite difficult to get and expensive when one does find it. I'm going to manage it till the end of this year 😁

5. Ajali Raw Sugar Polish

This is another product I didn't quite understand why it was called a 'Polish' and not a 'scrub' initially, but I did understand eventually especially because I had the salt scrub to compare it with. 

Using this product, didn't bode well for the other Sugar scrubs I would encounter in my life as it didn't exfoliate my skin like I had become used to but it made sense to have it as a polish and not a scrub because it really felt like 'shining my skin' as opposed to sloughing off dead skin and dirt on it. 

It had large sugar granules and as it was my first sugar scrub, I assumed ALL sugar scrubs were like it and stayed away from sugar scrubs for the longest time.

6. Arami Glow Scrub

Uhm, this is the perfect scrub for soft, sensitive skin. 
I have never seen a scrub that melts as fast as this. I honestly think it deserves to become a 'body polish' 🤔

Surprisingly, my skin did feel alive and nourished after using it but without the radical smoothness I like to feel after using a scrub. Because of how quickly it melts, I use it on my face too sometimes. 

I really like the richness of the fragrance it has and you do know that Arami is no stranger to lovely, intense, natural fragrance so if for the scent only, I'll continue to use this product until it finishes and not give it out.

7. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydrating Hand & Body Scrub

This is an absolutely gorgeous scrub. When I was first gifted this product by Shea Moisture in Nigeria, I didn't quite know what to do with it. I was a lazy beauty blogger and skincare wasn't a top priority for me.

By the way, this scrub has sugar as the base but you'll never really know as the fragrance and luxurious moisture of the honey and oil are the top sellers of this. I never want to apply anything else on my skin after using this scrub. 

My skin is not heavy with oil after use. It just leaves it glowing and with a nice sheen to it from the oil. Did I also mention that when you use this scrub, prepare to be enveloped in a rich, warm fragance? Not just you but your bathroom, towel, everything actually. It leaves a nice base for other scents to be applied over it. 

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