4 Easy, Everyday Skincare Tips with 'Shea Moisture'

11.1.18 Lagos, Nigeria

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say and being a very religious people, I’m sure that’s why we bath daily and scrub our bodies well with sponge *grin*.
Ok, I’m a Nigerian too so I scrub my body too but I have a routine which permits me to alternate the use of sponge. Alas, we digress! I’m going to tell you something – I like to feel squeaky clean. I don’t want to feel any bit of moisture on my skin once I’m out of the bath or else I’ll feel the whole process is defeated. 
But it’s harmattan, and the time it takes to run from the bathroom to the room to apply body moisturizer is way too long so a little moisture while getting clean isn’t such a bad idea right? I’m not sure it was in answer to my silent request for moisturized skin during the harmattan but Shea Moisture sent me some skin care products In December which I was only too happy to try out.

While I waft in fragrance that the Shea Moisture products give off all day long, I figured I’d share some simple everyday skincare tips – some old, some new – with you:
  • Wash Your Face: I’d say this goes without saying but I guess one can’t say it enough. It’s advisable to wash one’s face at least twice a day to get rid of dirt and oils which built up throughout the day. Bar soaps strip the skin so most professionals will say to use a liquid wash. However, I like to use black soap on my face and figured if the Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Daily Defense soap was organic, then it wouldn’t hurt my skin right? I did and guess what, it helped to take off ALL my makeup in one wash (that sounds like Ariel)
  • Use A Mask: this is a new one for me as I’ve tried masks off and on for the longest time I can remember (my favourite though are sheet masks. I’ve tried them only twice & loved them ever since). Anyway, I decided to give the Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily milk mask a try twice a week as advised & while I’m still dancing about the fact that I’ve no acne again, this mask helped make my face skin supple against oily or dry or anything else.
  • Try A Scrub: Anyone remember St Ives Apricot scrub? Those guys make a killing out of the profit Nigerians got them though. I’ve NEVER used a scrub on my body – not because I don’t know about them but because I’m lazy. So I mainly use the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey& Mafura Oil Hand & Body Scrub on my hands & legs because it’s easy enough and since they are the most exposed parts of my body, they benefit from the extra moisture this product provides. I’m especially trying the body scrub out on my elbow where I have a patch of dark & dry skin that refuses to go away.
  • Shave: this tip applies only if you are hairy and have hair growing all over your body. I have hair on my hands & legs as well as other places. I periodically shave them so they look cleaner and absorb the creams I use on them better…my hands & legs I mean.
  • Moisturise: this tip is for all over the body – from the hair to the feet (I once asked a friend why bother about moisturizing her bum and she said that she never knew when someone else would be looking at it *covers face*). Anyway, regardless of your skin type, your face needs to be moisturized as much as your legs do so don’t scrimp on this step. The Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Daily Hydrating lotion is great especially if you have dry skin. I like the fact that it moisturizes without leaving the skin oily thus absorbing easily into the skin. Awesome.
Those are my simple, easy daily skincare tips which I think anyone can try out no matter how lazy they are. Personally, I can NEVER do without moisturizing my face, it’s my absolute favourite tip of all 5. Which one of these can you absolutely not do without?

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